• RE: Problem with Ark Client 1.3.0

    Can you restart computer and try installing again or redownloading it?

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  • RE: anamix Delegate - 80% sharing profit pool

    Can you update in your post from 70% to 80% as well to not cause any confusion?

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  • RE: Forging question

    Both can forge the same amount of ARK,

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  • Freemind for delegate


    I am from Barcelona, Spain. I am in the world of crypto since (december) 2013, I have seen the birth of many coins (and I have done many translations on them) but I had never involved in nothing more, until I met Lisk.

    I met many people there. Several of those people showed me their support there.

    Several months later several of those people decided to create ARK, and as you can see we have done. My commitment to ARK is everywhere, forums, twitter… But what I do most is talk on the street to the people to explain what it is, what it can do and its future plans.

    I will try to be in the next blockchain world congress in Barcelona next october to try to reach more people and to meet more people who have a passion for crypto.

    30% of the forged coins will be sent each month to an account for the ARK foundation, 10% to pay the server, the remaining 60% will hold it to vote for delegates who, under my criterion, do a good job and need help.

    My delegate name is freemind, and my VPS has the following specifications:

    2 CPU cores
    4096 MB RAM
    60 GB Storage
    4 TB Bandwidth included

    Thank you for reading!

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  • ARK Main Net Launch = 21st Of March 2017 - 19:00 UTC

    alt text

    After five months of development, the ARK Crew could not be more proud of the community that has sprung up in support of ARK. After getting to know all of you through testing, contests, and just chatting about life, we really do feel like you are part of the ARK family. That is why we felt it only fitting to break the news to you, our dedicated testers, friends, and strongest supporters first.

    Our development team has given the green light for us to announce the official launch date of the ARK Mainnet.

    The ARK network will come online at 1900 UTC on 21 March, 2017. This marks a major accomplishment for both our team and our community and we want to say THANK YOU for all of your hard work on testnet helping us to create the most stable, secure, and feature rich version of ARK yet. We always felt that creating a stable core release was more important than deadlines and we now have a client that is ready for primetime.

    On March 21st everyone will be able to go to http://tec.ark.io and claim their ARK tokens by withdrawing them to your own personal ARK addresses. All wallets will need to be updated to the mainnet release version prior to the launch and will be available at http://ark.io.

    Bounties will be added to the TEC website or will be manually processed AFTER the launch of ARK Mainnet. This is to give the ARK crew time to verify that the network is properly functioning before distribution.

    While exchanges will be available during our initial launch period, we are unable to give additional details at this time. Please keep an eye out on ARK Slack Chat and our blog for exchange announcements during our mainnet launch.

    We would like to thank the community for being patient and sticking with us. This is just the beginning of what will be an amazing year for ARK. Mainnet launch is just the first milestone on an expansive development roadmap that we plan to continue to refine as we move forward.

    As always, thank you for being an ARK supporter. To keep up to date on everything ARK, read our Blog, hit us up on Slack, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and on March 21st, go buy some ARK!

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  • ARK Bi-Weekly Update #7


    Hi ARKers. Let us get right into it and discuss the updates that have taken place recently. First of all, 600+ slack members and counting. It seems the word is getting around about ARK and we are gaining traction with the public. Things are picking up and this is just the beginning guys. Things are starting to get exciting!

    ARK community designed merch is going up over the next 24 hours along with stickers, hats, and better quality products. Check it out here https://ark.io/ark-ecosystem-merch/

    ARK Lite wallet release 0.1.0 is now live https://arkecosystem.github.io/ark-lite-wallet/app/
    The Ark lite wallet is a simple to use web wallet that provides basic functionality like sending and receiving Ark cryptocurrency transactions. All delegate and voting will be done through the desktop wallet in the future but this lite wallet is the perfect solution for those that are on the go and don’t have access to their desktop client, but need to make a quick ARK transaction.

    ARK Desktop Client Update to 0.3 https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/ark-desktop/releases Updates to the desktop client include bug fixes and a few key feature improvements.

    And now for what everyone is waiting for currently….

    TESTNET - Fix has spent countless hours bug hunting and optimizing testnet. Latest reports have testnet screaming along at 5 transactions a second under sustained full load without glitches - AND any forks that popped up under extreme stress testing auto recovered! Currently we have been stress testing the network since the genesis block and have pushed out over 100,000 transactions in the first 10,000 blocks with very few issues.

    After all of the extensive bug fixes, optimizations, and internal stress testing, we are confident that testnet will resume on Monday, February 13th. Woot Woot!

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  • ARK Weekly Update #6

    Week 6

    First, congrats to our previous design winners.

    Sormin, Densmirnov, Jamiec79, mjbmonetaymetals.

    This weeks design contest winner is ICONEWS.
    Congrats on winning 5K ARK! Will come your way after mainnet launch!

    Now for the technicals:

    Last week we announced that the launch date would be pushed slightly to later in February. We would like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit more about why that is. With the latest testnet round, it became clear to the development team that there were a lot of underlying issues that could only be fixed by re-writing major portions of the core code.

    For starters, the event management was not to our liking and could not simply be tweaked to function the way we believe is necessary or in a way we think makes sense. This requires a major rewrite to meet our standards and to make the network function how we envisioned. This is the case for several areas of the core code and is where most of our time and energy are currently focused.

    Fixcrypt is completely rewriting the node management with a single point of entry that will deal with node state: (rebuilding, downloading blocks, broadcasting, forging etc…). It added a bit of work, but he is progressing well and we are seeing great results so far.

    This rewrite of the legacy code will enable many improvements within the protocol.

    Things in the pipeline:

    Relay nodes (high level API access) and forging nodes (less API access + more security) are clearly separated.
    Crazy fast rebuilding speed (because we are now able to mount the network interface only when being rebuilt…)
    Broadcasting block headers only, since most of transactions are likely already received by all nodes before a block is forged.
    Better block processing (no need to remove unconfirmed transactions that are included in the block).

    Making changes to the protocol starting with the following:

    No maximum block size
    The only limitation on processing will be the # of transactions that the forging node can verify and include in less than blocktime/10

    After these changes, the network will scale more directly with the power of the forging node hardware. That means when ARK mainnet launches, medium grade equipment may be good enough to run the network, but as we grow over the next year and beyond, delegates will definitely be required to run more robust hardware to keep the network going strong. More details on recommended specs will be available once we have had a chance to test the capabilities of the new code.

    A new internal testnet version will be pushed out early this week. We will need a few days to monitor performance before we roll that version out to the main testnet group in our ARK slack. Things are moving fast and a complete rewrite of a major part of the ARK core needs to be done right. We won’t release until we have conducted a thorough and productive open testnet period of all of these changes.

    Rest assured FIX is 110% confident in this course of action and so are we. Here is current testnet github. https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/ark-node/commits/newtestnet

    For those of you more familiar with github, we have launched the AIP(ARK Improvement Protocol) section. We encourage everyone to look into ARK on a more technical standpoint and share your ideas.


    Now for all of the apple fans in the community, say hello to the official ARK testnet IOS app.

    The only bad thing about ARK being on the apple store, is you have to wait for the new testnet release this week to use it.

    That’s all for week 6. Stay tuned for more updates - and remember to join our slack to always be up to date with latest news / development or if you have any questions or concerns we are there to help : https://ark.io/join-ark-slack/

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  • RE: (Speculation) Mainnet release not being deployed by February 1st

    we already posted this earlier this week and I doubt it will need to be pushed to June.

    Mainnet Launch:

    We continue to make great strides towards release. After extensive testing by our testnet crew, we have seen several large bug fixes that needed to be addressed. Thank you all for your dedication to helping with testnet. It will show in the final product for sure.

    Due to these bugs, the holiday period, and the time required to code and issue the refunds after the TEC ended, we are still at least several weeks away from being ready to launch. The network is stable and performing well on testnet, but we want to make sure we look for all possible security vulnerabilities prior to launch.

    We are close, and want to deliver a solid core product to the ARK community. Therefore, after a lot of internal debate, we have decided to push ARK mainnet launch back at least a few weeks.

    As a team, and with our experiences with cryptocurrency launches, we feel it is more important to begin life with an amazing, stable, secure, and reliable product to base our future use cases on, rather than one that needs patches and updates just to stay afloat a year down the road.

    So at this moment we cannot give an exact date, only that February is still considered our mainnet launch month until further notice.

    We are in contact with exchanges, but cannot give any more info on which exchanges.
    We hope you can all understand that we cannot talk about this just yet. Please be rest assured, ARK will be on exchanges at launch :wink:.

    We are also currently in the process of closing a strategic partnership that will benefit SmartBridge and the ARK Ecosystem. This well known partner will add promised functionality and abilities to the ARK SmartBridge that will help propel ARK into the future!

    Stay Tuned!

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  • RE: ARKaviary. Vote to adopt and save birds.

    Hey Proto, Welcome aboard the Ark glad to have ya here, good luck with your bird project, sounds like a great idea.

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  • RE: PTY Trade's Proposal for Election

    Hey Christopher, sounds great! Welcome aboard the Ark

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