Hi Everyone,

It’s been sometime since we have made a post regarding updates and the overall status of our delegacy, but I’m happy to return with news. Starting later today, 11.13.2018, our delegacy will feature a new update on our website: arkdel.net that will grant access for all community members to a brand new shiny public faucet. After a lot of hard work and deliberation we are excited to make this announcement as we have spent a good amount of time trying to figure out a way to implement it, but thankfully to Jigsaw we were finally able to establish it.

The idea behind this faucet is very much similar to that of the original one hosted by biz_classic and we offer it to everyone who visits.

Please note: as voters, when you roll the faucet the total amount of Ark earned from the roll will be added to your total pending balance. On the other hand, non-voters will receive a balance on a new address and will only receive the payout if it reaches over the payout threshold of 0.3 ARK.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the of ARK’s current price we have been considering for some time to reduce payouts in order to secure the servers with higher capacity and upgraded equipment. We understand that you guys seek profits and appropriate returns for holding your stakes, but we believe that in every economy there is a tradeoff. Therefore, we will begin the following changes that will be set forth and implemented beginning this coming Friday (11.16.2018):

• Total forging rewards will be reduced to 75%
• Release of the Ark Faucet
• 5% of all forging rewards will be allocated for voters to win each week (~150 Ark in rewards/week)
• We will begin to create content surrounding Ark, its current state, and future advancements through videos where Del will be discussing various points of interest.
• 5% of all forging rewards will be allocated to development on the Ark network and updating the current website.
• This will introduce:
o Dynamic and scalable payouts for voters, allowing everyone who votes to take full control of their assets.
o Voter incentivized rewards.
o Updating the overall presentation of the website.
o Mobile friendly.

We are very excited about this announcement and are very eager to showcase more work from us as we continue revitalizing Ark.

Looking forward to the next update,





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