Hi, Jackson.
welcome to ARK. there is not much activity here. you can better join Ark on reddit, or even better slack on Ark.io.
Greetings and welkome again.

Here some info from Ark subreddit posted by user rhakht

You can view all delegates on ARK Explorer, information about them can be found at ArkDelegates.io and on the ARK Forum

The ARK Team currently has ~23 members, but there are many active community members such as community developers and the delegates. The team’s finances should be sufficient for about 5-10 years.

Development milestones can be seen on the ARK Roadmap. Recently released was Core V2, Desktop Wallet V2, ARK Pay and the 18 ARK SDKs were completed. Upcoming are new website and whitepaper, Push Button Blockchains and Core V2.1.

I’m happy with the current delegates because there is much contribution coming from them and also frequent fluctuation, I saw many delegates get in or drop out this year and that encourages competition.

There are 2 ARK forged every 8 seconds, this means ~21600 ARK / day.

Yes, check out ArkDirectory.com and listen to the ARK Podcast!