Here we are again after a quarter of very intense work in “non-crypto” life.

Although at the time of writing this message we are ranked 52, we will continue to support Ark, please feel free to contact us to join our pool (sharing remains 90%).

Our latest news:

We’ve added another relay node, you can find it on;

We’are actively working on our sidechain project based on Ark;

The site dedicated to Ark in Italian is online but it is still far from what we want, we will work on it.

The next event we will participate in is Blockchain Forum Italia which will take place on November 7th in Milan, the entrance has a cost (300EU), but speakers are respected professionals.
Here the link if you wish to join the event:

Feedback, suggestions or requests to join our pool are always welcome,
feel free to contact us on Slack: @locama