I want Forum administrator or community admin job

  • Hello There,
    I am Abu Zafor Md Nurullah. I am a Cryptocurrency and ICO enthusiast. I have plenty of experience in Crypto/ICO research, ICO Community Manager, ICO content post through forums , social media and managing /Growth work.

    Recently, I worked three ICOs as a Community Manager in facebook and Telegram groups. I accomplished many crypto/ico related work successfully in upwork. I have extensive knowledge about Cryptocurrency/ICO and Blockchain technology. I completed five ICOs as a CM and Marketing work. I have active account with various crypto related groups via social media such as forums, facebook, telegram, linkedin, twitter, reddit etc. So, I am able to manage users in all social media. I can follow your all requirements accurately as a CM .

    I am available 24/7 online. I can work 8-10/12 hours/day. I will be sincerely waiting for your response. Here I showing My upwork link: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~014a4e73688bca0041

    Abu Zafor Md Nurullah

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