Rising_Sun Ark Bounty Program

  • Greeting Arkies Rising_Sun here offering you Ark bounties for any and all related Ark Content. The contest is the following:

    For the month of September, while Rising_Sun is not forging, 300 Ark will be given as bounties for Ark promotional contests! This content can be anything to get the word out about Ark. Suggested ideas are: videos, Medium articles, Steemit articles, Ark related artwork (includes posts, gifs, wallet backgrounds, or anything creative done for Ark). The winners will be chosen by Rising_Sun, and the weight of the winnings will be distributed according to categories such as effort put it, originality, and how much of an impact it has.

    After Rising_Sun is forging, bounties will be upped to 400 Ark every month, and may even increase from there in the future!

    Best of luck!

    What Rising_Sun would like to see is a diverse group of entries into the contest each month. Having your piece of content stand out is the best way to win. If many articles are written that month, producing a video will make your submission stand out. All submissions should be sent to myself via Discord or Slack or emailed to RisingSunArk@gmail.com.

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