mobbee - ARK promotion to society || profit sharing pool 90%

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    Hi, my name is Victoria!
    I have been watching ARK for more than half a year and I am madly in love with him every time, step by step, goes to his goal. The way the team puts all their forces into the development of the project, I decided to contribute and make it so that even more people learn about the ARK platform.

    Proposal to promote ARK in society.

    On September 11 I opened a shop with mobile accessories where ARK is one of the main payment methods. Also, accessories with the ARK logo will be sold. So I want to make sure that as many people as possible learn about ARK and its possibilities. But there’s more. For 12 months I plan to open 3 more stores all over the city, where each product with a brochure about ARK will be issued.
    Below are the photos of the store. This is just the beginning and the range will increase and the number of ARK products is getting bigger!!

    0_1537222560464_2.png 0_1537221986195_1.png 1_1537222121218_4.png 0_1537222121218_3.png
    1_1537222237218_6.png 0_1537222237218_5 копия.png

    I almost forgot… As we aim at a large chain of stores and that Ark became popular, the tenth store will sell the product exclusively for Ark.

    Server Specifications:

    Dedicated server
    Node - delegate “mobbee”
    CPU: Core i7-5820K 6x3.3GHz
    RAM: 24Gb
    HDD: 2x 1000Gb
    OS: debian 8

    My Proposal:

    Pool reward sharing - 90%
    Pool site:
    Payments interval is 24h if earned more than 6 ARK
    Withdrawal network fees pays pool

    We will try to make as many ordinary people as possible learn about ARK and what benefits it brings to all industries. We will be glad to all your votes.

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