Introducing, Uptime Payout Guarantee by Ark.Business

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    It goes without saying that running a delegate node comes with its headaches. One of these is maintaining the highest node uptime both for network speed as well as offering the highest payouts to our voters.

    At Ark.Business, we are changing the way we share with our voters. Instead of sharing based on the Ark we have forged, we will share as if our node was up 100% of the time, no matter what. Any downtime will eat into our personal share of rewards and will never effect our voters’ payouts. By doing so, we can guarantee our voters will always receive the highest share possible while giving our delegate extra incentive to stay up and running.

    At our current share rate of 90%, we will pay out exactly 2,667 Ark every week to our voters. Any downtime will not affect this number; instead it will come out of our pocket. Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee 100% uptime of our node, but by offering our voters this insurance and guarantee, we can make sure that they remain happy and receive the highest amount of Ark possible each week, no matter what.

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