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  • Our delegate is comprised of two partners, Patrick, and Paul. We are both long-time supporters of Ark and hope to contribute to the community through various initiatives. In this proposal, we will outline the areas that we believe will allow us to contribute to Ark, the community, and voters in a much more meaningful manner.

    Our Skills

    It is our belief that with the skills we possess, our delegate would be able to support the development of Ark much more comprehensively in partnership with one another. Paul is an experienced software developer with a comprehensive understanding of network infrastructure and management, embedded development, he also has a passion for cryptography and its uses. Paul has also corrected numerous bugs that were live on the Ark Mainnet and has been featured in the monthly bug bounties for his work on multiple occasions. Further, he has created a vast array of useful and enjoyable tools for communities on Discord and is constantly seeking new opportunities to create applications. Patrick has attained experienced in customer relations, support, and business development through his own personal ventures. Patrick also shares a strong passion for cryptocurrencies, the applications they have, as well as educating others in the ways that they can change and preserve freedoms and privileges for people. It is this combination of two different skillsets that we believe aids us to be a more comprehensive and effective delegate, as well as contribute to the development and expansion of the Ark Ecosystem.
    Our Proposal

    We propose to operate the delegate as a public pool with a profit-sharing rate of 90% of all Ark forging rewards. The remaining 10% will fund the operating costs of the delegate, competitions, and giveaways. Further, we plan to reimburse votes, both prior to and after entering a forging position. An easy to follow guide and explanation will be available to help avoid confusion. Once forging, payouts will be issued on a weekly basis and will be calculated using True Block Weight. This will allow us to provide more accurate and fair payouts to our voters, as well as negate any bad actors that may try to abuse alternate methods.

    Node Infrastructure

    Our forging node is running on a dedicated server with a Dual-Core CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 120GB SSD. We also maintain a back up node, should the need arise.

    We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our proposal, and we hope to have your vote. If you have any questions we are available on various platforms, with full contact details available below. We also operate our own Discord server with a few novelties that we think the community may enjoy, we hope to see you there!

    Kind regards,
    Paul Allen and Patrick Bateman

    Want to get in contact?

    We are currently available on:

    u/AllenPierce and u/BatemanPierce

    Paul Allen, and Patrick Bateman

    pallen#3412 and pbateman#0218

    Delegate Pierce Discord Server

    delegate.pierce@protonmail.com, or contact us directly at allen.pierce@protonmail.com or bateman.pierce@protonmail.com

  • Unfortunately due to a clerical error on my behalf the Discord link that has been attached to our proposal is invalid, this is because when the link was originally made i had forgotten to remove the usage limit. The correct and permanent invitation is available below.


    Thank you for your time, and patience. We hope to see you all there!

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