- 85% voter share - 0.00001 minimum balance for payout - all fees covered



    Hello everybody!

    I go by outboard, but my name is Dan. I run the delegate whose purpose is to move the ARK Ecosystem forward through development, participation, and raw computing power. I’m a digital nomad, US citizen, and father of 2 who currently resides in Europe. My delegate node has been actively forging since April of 2018 and is backed by my Estonian company, Cryptobuilders OÜ.


    • Small Wallets Welcome!
    • All Votes and Fees Paid or Refunded
    • Community Discord -
    • True Block Weight Payouts to Prevent Pool Hopping
    • 0.00001 ARK Minimum Reward Balance for Payout
    • No Minimum Balance
    • Payouts daily


    Many delegates seek to take a minimum fee for running a delegate node. I view the role of a delegate differently. My goal is to provide network uptime and security while also encouraging others to participate in the same goals. My reward structure is therefore not set in stone and will be adjusted as the demands of the network and price of the underlying cryptocurrency changes. At this time the focus is on building on top of V2.

    • 85% - Voters
    • 15% - Server Infrastructure and Team Maintenance


    I have worked in IT as a Sysop, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Team Lead and CTO for 15 years. I am an expert in Ruby, Node / JavaScript, Elixir, and many other languages / disciplines.

    My position as a full time freelancer allows me to dedicate as many hours as necessary to maintaining the stability and security of the ARK network. The delegate node exists to fund my costs, and to help push ARK to the top.






    • Server Host:
    • Server Type: Dedicated
    • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2 Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1155 69W Quad-Core Server Processor
    • RAM: 4 x Kingston 8GB DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600)


    • Server Hosts: Vultr & UpCloud
    • Server Type: Virtual
    • CPU: 2 Cores
    • RAM: 4+ GB
    • Locations: Geographically Distributed - 4 Continents / 9 Countries


    I see ARK as a potential powerhouse of the Web 3.0 space. Securing the network and ultimately building real world applications that will bring the platform to life is a personal passion. I see a decentralized world where banking, communication, political will, and freedom itself are powered by open source software and hope that ARK has a leading role.

    I will always be responsive to your questions and your concerns. I’ll be responsible and active when things go wrong. I will work for my voters and the network as a whole.

    Thank you for your support,

    ACF Board Member

  • Hi all. With the launch of V2, I have made several changes.

    First, payouts will now happen every 12 hours, at 9 am and pm UTC. If all continues to go well, my hope is to continue to increase the frequency and speed at which my voters are paid.

    Second, I am temporarily halting 5% donations to the ACF relay fund, as the fund has not yet been created. What to do with the funds that have already been collected is something I would love feedback on. They can be seen here:

    Third, though this change happened several months ago, I will be sharing 85% with my voters.

    Finally, I will be shifting my focus towards development and spending less on relays, as the overall network seems to be highly stable on v2. My initial focus will be on creating a time travel API to allow anyone to view the balance and vote history of any wallet at a given point in time.

    Thank you to all my voters who have stuck by me during the blackout period on payments as V2 proved it’s mettle. I’m excited for our shared future!

  • One more update for today… The minimum reward balance for payouts is now 0.001 ARK. I started with a very small wallet and want small voters to fee welcome here as well. Small wallets welcomed!

  • As of early this morning, payouts are now hourly and the minimum balance to receive a payout is 0.00001 ARK. This means any wallet with 0.5 ARK gets a payment every 2 hours and any wallet with 1 ARK or more gets paid every hour. I will continue to tweak my proposal in the coming weeks. Feedback welcomed!

  • Payouts are back to daily by popular demand.

  • Love the look and feel on your websites!!! Keep up the good work!!! :thumbsup:

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