Arkship - 90% - Vote Refund - Free Goodies

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    Hello Guys!

    I’m Marc from the Netherlands (but i’m French, so feel free to DM me in French).

    I believe that DPOS System will be the future in the cryptocurrency, this is the main reason why I want to contribute ARK to be successful.
    I’m not a developer so I can’t help on this side, but I can provide some nice goodies for the community (Free Ark, Stickers, etc …).

    • Every new voter with a minimum of 100 Ark in balance is entitled for a free pack of ark stickers ( )
    • Looking for some Ark goodies, let me know if you want to see one on Arkship!


    PROVIDER: Vultr
    LOCATION: Amsterdam
    SPEC: 2x CPU // 8GB RAM
    BACKUP: HETZNER // Germany


    RELAY NODE 0: Private
    RELAY NODE 1: Vultr - Paris
    RELAY NODE 2: Hetzner - Helsinki
    RELAY NODE 3: Coming Soon - Hetzner
    RELAY NODE 4: Coming Soon - Vultr

  • Hello! Do you cover the transaction fee of the rewards? I should receive about 0.50ARK daily, so I wouldn’t want to receive 0.40 instead because of the fees. Also, how often do you send payments?

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