Preventing Ark Network Infrastructure Catastrophes (PANIC Team)

  • Hi, we are Moon and Golden Pepe (biz_network delegate), Fun (fun delegate), Jigsaw (del delegate), and Paul (pierce delegate). We’re all long time members of the Ark community and we are the community developers that have been penetration testing, auditing, and patching Ark Core v1 for the past year and a half. Our team has submitted numerous patches to v1 (and a couple on v2) and we’ve worked tirelessly to rescue and restore mainnet whenever issues arose. The three most recent downtimes in particular, our team pulled multiple all-nighters as we investigated, patched, and restarted the Ark network.

    This past week has made us realize that we can do so much more for the Ark Ecosystem. After an Ark team member joked that we were the emergency response team, it gave us an idea. Why not make that a reality? Instead of just doing it as a hobby, we would all love to devote 100% of our time auditing, pentesting, and securing the ecosystem; from v1 to v2 and beyond. We would be on call 24/7 to monitor and diagnose any issues we see as well as work closely with the Ark team to prevent, mitigate, and solve any problems that arise.

    In the past, community members have graciously donated to us for our work and we are eternally grateful for their support. But relying on donations is not a sustainable model to sustain the work that we have been doing for the long term. We understand that, unlike a normal company, the Ark team cannot hire and pay all of us given their fixed amount of funds and lack of an income stream. That’s why we propose funding our work with a delegate. This delegate will not be a profit-sharing delegate and 100% of the forged Ark will be used to fund our work and pay our team members. We realize that the current delegate landscape means the only forging delegates are high profit-sharing or private whale pool delegates. The latter of which contributes nothing to the project and ecosystem and have benefited from our and other’s work for free. Our team members all come from the former group of delegates and the current economics of being a public high profit-sharing pool do not give us enough funds to do what we want to do. Our team members make an average of $15 a day from our delegates.

    Our delegate will most likely need to be backed by a small handful of altruistic whales that want to support what we do and we will make sure their support is not only warranted but rewarded with a more secure and robust ecosystem. Our members already have a proven track record of doing right by their voters (two of them run the largest delegate with the largest voterbase) and we, as a group, have delivered time and time again whenever the Ark network needed our help.

    If we start forging, we will be able to continuously run various network monitoring tools we’ve developed during the outages. For example, we plan on keeping the automated snapshot system we developed and used to restore the network last week running indefinitely. It snapshots the blockchain and verifies its integrity so we no longer run the risk of getting “kapu’d.” We will always be ready with a good, verified, and validated snapshot when needed. We will also be able to hire ourselves to work for the benefit of the Ark Ecosystem, the Ark community, and the Ark team as full-time security researchers and emergency response team.

    We know this is new. The trend, since the inception of Ark, has been ever higher profit-sharing delegates which means there isn’t enough for delegates to do anything other than the bare minimum of keeping their nodes running. Other DPoS coins where high profit-sharing isn’t the norm have full-time developer delegates and delegates focusing on their niches as full-time auxiliary teams to the official team. This is our goal as well, for the betterment of everyone involved in Ark.

    • panic Team, delegate name “panic”

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