Ark4Israel Delegate Proposal

  • Hello members of the Ark Community, I have a unique one of a kind delegate that is currently not being done on any other DPoS system. I am creating Ark4Israel. A delegate to give back.This will be an open public delegate for all to participate in.

    About the delegate: Ark4Israel is going to use the forging rewards generated to provide donations to various Jewish and Israeli Charitites to help Jewish and Israeli people in need. The two people running the delegate will be running it similar to a standard non profit. The goal is to increase awareness of Jewish plight, and help out where we can. This is part of our bigger idea we want to set in motion “Crypto4Good”. We plan on using Cryptocurrencies in various aspects to help those in need. Our start will be with Ark4Israel, and Ark. We liked Ark for its form of DPoS, have observed the team, and find the community welcoming. Kind of fitting giving Noah and the Ark in the Pentateuch.

    The Plan: To start Ark4Israel will be offering 90% payouts while its business entity (Non Profit) is being set up. The team hopes to accomplish all of this by the end of 2018. Now starting fresh, (assuming we are forging), we can start our donation campaign in 2019. When this happens, the payouts will have to drop, we will update our voters on the drop, It will be according to our price target and current market conditions. Ark4Israel is all about giving back.

    How will this benefit you?: Now we will have to have lower payouts than the average delegate, its just a fact of life while trying to run a non profit, however we plan on helping our voters. We have discovered that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship. We will be able to donate to worthy causes and those in need, while also promoting Ark’s public image. We plan on getting voters from the current Ark community, and introducing it to popular online communities in a method to help us out even more. With this, while you will have less Ark from our lower payouts, maybe there will be some positive price action from introducing new people to the lovely Ark Ecosystem.

    To close, vote Ark4Israel, have a heart and give back.



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