ArkInstitute: "Mark of Good Governance"

  • Good day!

    The Request:

    "Use 1% of your tokenholdings for this initiative by direct voting or proxy voting( thru your delegate/s) arkinstitute ."

    We request a community-wide mandate, such that the tokenholders may commit at least 1% of their holdings (minimum maintaining balance) to serve as the voting fund of their delegate/s for this initiative.

    Said committed ARK will be pooled together in one wallet address under the control of a delegate and should not exceed 56,000 ARK per delegate. (Hopefully, in the future, a proxy-voting feature in the Ark wallet will be considered by the community. Direct voting from community members with very big hearts are most welcome. Rest assured that ArkInstitute is still aiming for a community-wide mandate). In the meantime, voters should not make their delegate/s liable for the loss of the said voting fund or expect the return of the committed fund.

    Community members should contribute seed capital to maintain the operation of the blockchain on the safe, sound and ethical manner and to continually improve the enterprise value of the network.

    The Initiative:

    The title of the community initiative is:

    Use ARK token for good governance and aim for mainstream adoption

    "Let’s make Ark Blockchain a tool for Social Enterprise. "

    Ark Institute - Chief Delegate

    The chief delegate will serve as policy institute, research division, good governance consultants and risk management advisors.

    The chief delegate position does not make the holder of the position the most important or most powerful. The holder just attain a ceremonial title of “Primus inter pares” or the First among equals. It does not change the consensus model as decision of these elected delegates will always be “enbanc” with the majority rules.

    The added term “chief” will mean as being accountable to the other delegates. The chief delegate will only act as the most high profile delegate and mouthpiece of the Ark community.

    The Votes:

    We will be needing the votes of at least 25 other delegates using the above-mentioned voting wallets. (Currently, there still no facility for proxy voting. In the interim period, we will accept direct voting from altruistic tokenholders. Rest assured, that ArkInstitute will always aim for a strong mandate from the community)

    Operation of the Node:

    The control of passphrase:
    The 1st phrase will be made accessible to a team delegate or a trusted community delegate who will operate the node on behalf of arkinstitute.

    Responsibility of the ArkInstitute:

    The 2nd phrase will be under the control of delegate arkinstitute.

    Proposed forging rewards usage:

    We will be sharing 10% to the node operator who will be chosen as 1st passphrase keeper.

    While the 90% will be used for arkinstitute’s upkeep.

    The Roadmap:

    Below is the roadmap:

    1. Develop and maintain community website, develop community charter documents, (tentative purpose - resources for entrepreneurs(sme and mom&pop shops), fintech org with advocacies of financial inclusion, payment services companies, and remittance companies using Ark Blockchain)

    2. Sponsor corporate social responsibility (csr) activities to highlight social enterprising advocacies,

    3. Maintain a depository of marketing plans,

    4. Establish risk management advisory council, a necessary soft infrastructure of a public blockchain.

    Many thanks!


  • Please check out the website the ArkInstitute is working on. This is a live document and constantly being reviewed or revised based on feedback received from the community.

    Please be patient with us as this initiative is an on-going project.

    We hired a copywriter to improved on the content, and she is yet to make progress.

  • Good day everyone!

    We opened a reddit channel to publish our
    policy papers, research papers, marketing plans, articles, community charters, advisories and adopted advocacies.

    Subscribe to:

    Many thanks!

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