OSMOSE Delegate proposal

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    OSMOSE is a delegated node supported by Zaraki & zôÖma, founders at Samouraï Coop (cooperative company).

    We’re currently working on 2 sides :

    Tech side :
    We’re launching a Ark-based side chain called OSMOSE, providing services :

    A few contributions to ARK repositories:

    Side-chain Github: https://github.com/osmose-collective

    Promotion side :
    Media : Videos
    News translations : ARK Francophonie
    Conferences & meet-ups made to promote ARK Tech & OSM use cases : OuiShare network, WeAreInnovation, Centrale Supelec, CCI de l’Essonne, Blockchain Days.

    What are we bringing to ARK Ecosystem
    OSMOSE side-chain aims to meet the needs of social and solidarity economy enterprises, tech4good entrepreneurs, and cooperatives.

    Our objective is to promote ARK technology potential at the same time we are growing the OSMOSE use-cases and features. Moreover we strongly believe that interoperability is the future of the internet. We will encourage interactions between the two communities and of course will share our open-source features & dApps with ARK ecosystem.

    Profit Sharing

    • 75% to voters
    • 5% ACF
    • 20% for OSMOSE project development including ARK delegate server administration

    Why are we sharing 75% of profit while some are sharing 90+% ? why should you vote for us ?
    Previously we also co-managed the united delegate and now we decided to focus solely on development and funding of concrete services and events for community in France.
    We want to finish “Ticket” (event ticketing & cashless system) and directly use it for ARK community events in Europe and worldwide in a second time.
    We would also be delighted to integrate ARK delegates as delegates of the OSMOSE side-chain, and to discuss our vision of the services connected to ARK.

    @Zaraki (Core developer - Tech director @ Samouraï Coop)
    @zôÖma (Media & Event director @ Samouraï Coop)

    To be honest we are not the most active users on Slack channel, mainly because we are trying to stay as much focus as possible on concrete use cases since many months now.
    We also try to focus to promote ARK in IRL french & european blockchain events, rather than chatting on channels. We are of course every day connected and very happy to answer any questions asap so feel free to message us.

    Feel free to contact us on ARK Slack.

    Name: osmose
    Address: AUKq7tX9heq8mpmuGW1hs2uiVGX5mKBzW8


    Server Host: Scaleway
    Type: Dedicated X64-15GB
    CPU: 6 x 2.20GHz
    RAM: 15GB
    Location: Amsterdam
    Network Speed: 250Mbit/s Unmetered

    Server Host: Limestone Network
    CPU: 4 x 2.6GHz
    RAM: 12GB
    Location: Dallas
    Network Speed: 250Mbit/s

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