ark mobile passphrase weird problem

  • Hello I have a mobile ark wallet which i have no problem logging in. I wanted to back up wallet and wrote down secret passphrase. Later I wanted to import the phrase on desktop but received a different address. I tought i made a error writing it but when i coppied and pasted ( so there should really be no errors) the phrase multiple times in ark mobile wallet to import new address i repeatedly received the same new address as before. My question is if there is a possibility to somehow restore passphrase with seed ( as the passphrases ot the old and new address look the same but seeds are different) tnx

  • Try entering the input on the password as a non bip address with a space at the end.

  • Tnx for the answer but unfortunately it doesnt work. ( created a third address different from the othe two) I assume the system generating secret passphrases on mobile generates always just bip 39 passphrases. Anyway I was thinking if there is not a way to use the seed to get a secret passphrase ( mobile wallet shows the seed in wallet backup in advanced section and seeds are diffirent for those two wallets)

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