In the next decade, there will be WA’s companionship

  • The dimly setting sun, a touch of blue on the surface of the sea…
    This is a ghost ship mixed with darkness and hope. Although it is unmanned, it is full of passengers. The name of the ship is called “blockchain”. Its passengers and sailors come from all over the world, each with its own will, and everyone has different headings, but they choose the same boat to cross the other side.

    From this shore to the other side, there are a thousand “blockchain” in the eyes of a thousand passengers.
    For cryptographers, it is the “pirate ship” that leads to the dark place;
    For Nakamoto, this is a “canoe” to the ideal holy place;
    For geeks, it is a “assault boat” that travels through the oceans of 0 and 1;
    For sci-fi enthusiasts, this is the “blue space” to save humanity;
    For the liberals, it is the “Mayflower” that rebuilds the world;
    For the humanistic philosophers, this is the “boat of Theseus” that tortured the soul;
    For the economics circles, it is the “Titanic” that subverts the traditional financial system;

    When all these symbols add up, the blockchain is the “Noah’s Ark” in these people’s eyes. Because these passengers and sailors know that it will carry them to the new era of great navigation.

    From sketching in 2008 to officially sailing in 2009, this ghost ship has come all the way, encountering the undercurrent of technology, passing the sinister of algorithm, passing through the hacking danger reef, witnessing the nature of evil, passing through the crowd, it quietly departs from the harbor of the encrypted world, and in a short period of ten years, it stirs up waves in the real world.

    Where does it come from, and where will it head?

    • The above section is selected from Luo Jinhai, "The Decade of Blockchain: The Wandering Ghost Ship"
      After ten years of development, the blockchain has expanded to a wider field. Digital currency, as the first area to promote blockchain to become hot, has attracted many advocates despite its controversy. Bitcoin, as the “NO.1” in the coin world, has experienced various ups and downs in this decade.

    It took only one year from the “peak” of nearly 20,000 US dollars at the end of last year to the “bottom” of 3,500 dollars in the previous time. Such a large drop is shaking the flag in the hearts of investors .

    I want to say that in the past ten years, there have been countless people and countless sound said that bitcoin will return to zero. As a result, bitcoin still exists after a decade of wind and rain.

    Other tokens generated by “standing on the shoulders of giants” are still developing. WA is such a token. WA has taken advantage of the “predecessors” and improved their shortcomings and deficiencies, focusing on the improvement of their own value and serving the users and investors in a down-to-earth manner. As a platform token, WA combines many advantages into one: insisting on the mechanism of holding coins to share dividends, referral dividends, and never increasing the number of issuance, and being down-to-earth for the benefit of users.

    Wafcoin has reached a deep strategic cooperation with Newbuy Mall, the world’s first cross-border e-commerce provider that supports token settlement. All the tokens that are circulated on the platform and WA can be consumed in the mall, which constantly stimulates the value of WA. The various measures not only guarantee the value of token, it also brings enough confidence to users!

    In addition, WA is one step ahead, aiming at the real estate and tourism industry and marching in this new direction. We have every reason to believe that WA will achieve even greater growth in the next decade.

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