Delegate Problems

  • Hi All,
    Im new at ARK Wallet and i have an issue/doubt.
    I had 50 tokens in the wallet and after delegate i saw that it only delegate 24 of my tokens.
    Then i try to delegate the 24 to delegate the entiry 50 tokens.
    But after reverse the delegated tokens i didnt receive back the 24 tokens.
    Can anyone explain why?

    ID Date Sender Recipient Smartbridge Amount
    19/02/2019 09:44:48

    • Ѧ 0.00
      19/02/2019 05:57:46
    • Ѧ 0.00
      19/02/2019 05:56:26
      Delegate Registration
    • Ѧ 0.00
      18/02/2019 23:04:02
    • Ѧ 50.29247


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