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    My name is proto. I am a computer and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I have been involved with bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2011. I am a well rounded individual with skills in the metal trade, as well as product design, advanced linux user, 3d printer builder and user, junior developer, and I love birds. Currently I am a mature student in my last year of college.

    I have been a linux user since I was around 13-14 years old. Currently I have been running a server as a linux api and gui tester for superNET since September 2016. I run linux full-time on all my computers. I also run some websites for another crypto project and twitter account. My github is:

    My proposal is this: Let’s start being caring in crypto for animals: specifically, feathered friends. Many birds outlive owners, and need someone to take them in and provide care for them.

    Funds raised from running as a delegate will be saved until the appropriate time, as well as I will use my personal savings to start this project. Funds may only be used for buying products for the birds in care, or using some funds to rent/buy a more appropriate location to run a real aviary and grow in size. I will start small and adopt birds one by one, posting updates on a new website about the aviary, and birds in care. Eventually this can grow to a full facility (funding pending), where I can move into a full-time location to host many birds, and possibly hire more staff to work on a full-time basis for the socialization and care of birds. I would register the aviary eventually as a non-profit in Canada.

    Due to being in college right now, I hope to adopt the first bird within 1 year as of this post. I need to find a stable job (hopefully from home, remote on the computer, so I can give more attention to the birds), and find a pet friendly apartment to live and care for them to start.

    To start, I plan to run the following, and continue upgrading the server as time goes by.
    Ubuntu 16.04.1 x64
    2 GB / 2 CPU
    40 GB SSD Disk
    3 TB transfer
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    The potential for this project I think is a great one, and could even be expanded as a place for people to visit and see birds, an adoption center, and/or a store for pet supplies attached.

  • @proto Very nice proposal. I hope it really takes off. You’ll have some vote from me for it.

    My father was a veterinarian, so I grew up doing a lot of animal care in his veterinary practice. We had a section in the kennels for the local SPCA since it was too small of a town for them to bother with their own kennels. He would treat the wounded and sick wild animals for free when people brought them in, so sometimes had them in the kennels as well. We kept a walk-in pigeon coup in the garage, always had them around the grounds.

    Toronto’s a great town. My favorite band, Rush, is from there. Hope you end up coming to work for Ark. Thanks for sharing

  • @mike Thank you! :)

    I hope ARK and I can work together to make it a reality.

    I will possibly move out to the west coast where my family is, so we will be on the same timezone once I finish college here.

    I plan to find a pet-friendly place to live and start adopting birds as soon as I am settled.

  • Hello @proto I’m glad to see your interested in ARK !
    And above that, I very much like your idea as myself I am an animal lover and just adopted a 6 year old boxer female 2 weeks ago ! :)
    I hope you’ll get many supporters for your cause and I will definitely support you !
    GJ ! :)

  • @Samuray Thank you for the support :) Goodluck with your boxer!

  • Hi Proto,

    I really like your idea and hope it gets the votes required.

  • @ghostfaceuk Thank you for the kind words!

  • Heh proto! Funny that but I have a ton of birds myself! Their lovely fellas, always there for me. I currently own some budgies, lorikeets and a yellow ring neck parrot, hoping to get an African Gray soon. Your proposal is amazing, you’ll definitely have my vote. :)

  • Hey Proto, Welcome aboard the Ark glad to have ya here, good luck with your bird project, sounds like a great idea.

  • I hope you succeed, your potential future business could turn profitable…

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