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    Hi, I’m a 35 year old badass that works as part of the ARK Crew!

    It would be awesome if you guys could vote for:


    Defender of Crypto and Smoker of the Finest Cannabis! :mrgreen:

    Let me help you keep ARK running smoothly!

    Node is set up on a very fast host!

    ARK Node:

    2x Intel Xeon E5620 (8x2.4Ghz) 48GB 2x2TB SATA3 10TB @ 1Gbps

    Member of the LFFF


    I will be starting my own Lisk project. This is an idea that I will get developed with the funds earned from my forged lisk. This Idea I am currently calling DGCH will be IMO a shining star.

    This idea centers around treasure hunting and code breaking.

    It is a project that will intrigue people to give it a shot and is something that I think will be very fun for most of the Bitcoin/Lisk community especially those who are not Code oriented.

    This will be a FUN site rather than a business site which tend to be more in line with what is being built right now but will have the ability to generate lots of revenue.

    I think I can bring an amazing thing to the crypto world. Something that people all over the world have been dreaming about and probably some of you reading this have even thought about it but maybe you don’t remember.

    This is the kind of idea that you just listen to and go “Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome.” So let’s do our best to bring more attention to LISK and the crypto community with our projects and brand new ideas.

    I will later invite some members of the Lisk community to hear the project before going out to find developers because I think something of this magnitude should benefit the community that possibly brings it life.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Great proposal! :trophy:

  • @cannabanana Very much loved your proposal. A testament to what can be done whilst enjoying the beauties of cannabis!

  • @ViktorCapulet Haaa. True…

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