Biz_Classic pending payout calculation: issue resolve

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  • I decided to vote for biz_classic seven days ago with 100 arks and set up my payout frequency every month (so until now, my wallet did not receive any payout). I should get around 0.014 per day from staking yield. I also use the faucet. My understanding was that the pending payout was the addition of cash back from staking yield and gains from faucet.

    I noticed something very strange, my cashback payout was often substracted from some faucet gains. I was lucky and after 7 days I won 0.13 from faucets. My cash back from stacking should be around 0.09. If I add both I should get pending payout around 0.22 ark.

    The issue became clear when I got 9980 from the faucet, winning 0.12 arks. The pending payout did not add it properly and became even lower (0.11).

    My pending payout is actually 0.11, lower than the total faucet win after 7 days (0.13). It does not make any sense. I am worry about the fairness of the calculation and the payout. Biz_classic, could you explain me clearly how the pending payout is calculated ? I will modify the title of my post if I am satisfied with the answer !

  • I send a message to Biz_Classic with the chat. I am still waiting for explanations from Biz_classic about the payout calculation fluctuating erratically. I am currently gathering more statistics about every day pending payout and faucet. I noticed that it is not adding up as it should be.

    Again, could you please Biz_classic provide the details on how the pending payout is calculated every day (including the addition with faucet gains) ? My today pending payout = (total from faucet + estimated staking) = (0.1309 + 0.1040) = 0.1247. I have a Master in statistics but with these new ways to calculate in the world of crypto, I am thinking to go back to primary school to redo my math !

    As a delegate, it is your duty to provide these calculation details. Maybe, I won’t have to go back to school to learn basic math !


  • I got an answer from the chat, according to Biz_Classic: ‘‘There was a display bug on the frontend due to an update that has been fixed and your dashboard should reflect the actual number now.’’ As Biz-Classic said, my pending payout is now accurate.

    However, a display bug is odd… I have also a background in programmation (statistical algorithms) and work with programmers. From my experience, it never happened a display bug ended up in showing a calculation error. Moreover, I asked Biz_Classic (on the chat) to follow-up on my post and he did not.

    I advice people to be careful with the payout calculation and to verify that it reflects the correct number. If you find issues, you may follow-up on this post. It is important to have good, fair and trustable delegates.

    Ark should create a performance rating system to evaluate the delegates and have a better idea in term of trust, fairness and payout consistency. It would prompt the delegates to be more consistant with payout and self-directed rules. The actual situation with Biz_Classic is a good example. There is no easy way to know if these kind of errors happen regularly or rarely. We should be able to vote based on performance (historical performance rating), not just based on the number of weighted votes.

  • @Thurgun

    Moreover, I asked Biz_Classic (on the chat) to follow-up on my post and he did not.

    As a matter of privacy we felt it was for your benefit that we resolve any issues you may have had in PMs as we needed information you may have wished to remain private such as when we asked you for your Ark address. Instead you provided us with your email address which was not helpful so we asked you in PMs again for your Ark address so that we may look into what the cause of your issue was.

    Once you’ve provided us with the required information we could begin investigating. You may have a masters in statistics but that is not relevant to the situation. The issue was a display error that affected everybody – not just you. And even then it was only that: a display error. During payout, everybody would have received exactly what they were owed regardless of what the dashboard displayed and we find your FUD over our “fairness” to be utterly unfounded and unnecessarily aggressive. Had you provided us with the correct information we asked early on this could have been resolved in less time and would have saved you some angst.

    To give you some context into our systems, we have a backend database with business logic that acts on that database and returns data to the frontend. We also have a frontend codebase that gets served to your browser. This is a standard design pattern in web applications. We also have a separate payout codebase that aggregates data from the backend database to compute and send payout transactions. On our backend we store the value of peoples’ staking balances as well as the values of their faucet rolls. When serving your browser, we combine the values into one on the backend for display on the frontend such as on your dashboard. During a code refactor we made an error that miscalculated the total value to the frontend. Our payout code is separate from this and was not affected so again, during payouts everybody would have received exactly what they were owed regardless of what the dashboard displayed as this was just an error on the website which is why we were able to reply to you in PMs with the correct value of your pending balance – that value was always there on our backend, just not shown properly on your dashboard.

    We are the largest Ark delegate and it can be hard steering such a large ship. Issues come up but we have always been expedient in resolving them, sometimes even faster than smaller delegates that don’t pay much attention to their delegacy. We are sorry that you had a bad experience with us but we do not appreciate these accusations you have made about our integrity.

  • Dear Biz,

    Please read carefully my post, I did not make any accusations, just expressed my worries. You should also not considered I had a bad experience, where I said that? Asking questions does not mean I have a bad experience! With no clues on how the payout is calculated, it is just normal to be worry when the math do not work! You had over 4 days just to reply that you would investigated the issue and you did not. I would have been much more patient in writing more replies on my post.

    I have the right to ask questions and be worry on fairness, especially in the world of crypto. When I do not get answers, I do not give up !

    Your response just strengthen my point on having a performance rating system for delegates. Any delegate can tell they are the best but I think only people that vote should judge. To your point you finally ended up to follow-up on my post and gave details on how the calculation is done (exactly what I was asking for). Thank you!

    If I could, I would give you a good rating as you were honest in your response (even if you consider I was agressive, you have the right to tell how you fell, the same way I have the right to say I am worry!). I do not have any issue with critics, in fact I like it! I will actually keep my vote with you as I am now satisfied with your answer.

  • @Thurgun

    Correction: We resolved your issue in 3 days, 2 of which were a weekend. It would have taken less than a day to resolve if you had given us the correct information in the first place. You also consistently took over 10 hours each time to reply to us when we asked you for more information.

    Furthermore, with your remarks such as:

    I have a Master in statistics but with these new ways to calculate in the world of crypto, I am thinking to go back to primary school to redo my math !

    Maybe, I won’t have to go back to school to learn basic math

    a display bug is odd

    You are implying you know our systems better than we do and we are purposefully engaging in unscrupulous behavior. You could have easily asked for a more in-depth technical explanation without spreading FUD about us when we’ve worked diligently, on a weekend, to investigate and resolve your issue.

  • Oh well,

    In my first reply It is exactly what did… only asking for technical issue ! Moreover, I contact you with the chat, I just asked you respectfully to answer my post for the benefit of everybody. Instead, you were replying with 2 or 3 words through the chat and never said you were investigating the issue. When asking for my address, I had to guess if you wanted my email, my ark adress, (maybe my home adress !). I first supposed it was my email…

    You came replying on my post after facts so you have no reason to complain on my other replies. I cannot guess you are investigating if you do not tell it. By the way, I was really hoping we will teach me something new in math !

    Apparently you are not able to see the difference between humour and agression ! I am sad for you. I think my previous reply was respectful and very clear.

    Now, instead of being grateful for having fix an issue that was affecting all Biz users, you are looking for a vendetta… I would suggest you look at the positive side or maybe it make you fell better in being frustrated about my post !

    For the benefit of everybody here the full integral exchange with the chat:

    Thurgun 7 days ago
    good evening
    is someone here

    Thurgun 6 days ago
    I posted a topic about the calculation of the ‘Biz_classic pending payout could be wrong’. Could you please have a look at my post and answer my question ? The pending payout is behaving very strangely. Thank you !

    biz_classic 6 days ago
    What’s your address?

    Thurgun 5 days ago
    Did you mean my email ?

    I use the same name for my ark account and Biz_classic account: Thurgun
    My email is ‘’’’’

    biz_classic 5 days ago
    What is your ark address?

    Thurgun 5 days ago
    Ark adress is: “”""""""

    biz_classic 4 days ago
    According to our records you have 0.25269741Ark pending. There was a display bug on the frontend due to an update that has been fixed and your dashboard should reflect the actual number now.

    Thurgun 2 days ago
    Thank you for the follow-up. You could also follow-up on my post under ‘‘Delegates and Proposals’’, title: ‘‘Biz_Classic pending payout calculation could be wrong’’

    biz_classic 2 days ago
    A followup was sent. If you are not happy with us you are free to change your vote.

    I wish you happiness (this is now my last reply on this post)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Thurgun

    You will find you’ll receive more polite responses if you don’t accuse people of illicit behavior with your sarcastic remarks while asserting your irrelevant credentials right before asking them to help you.

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