The hottest topic on two sessions: look at the development of application scenarios

  • On March 3, 2019, the two sessions were held as scheduled. Compared with the situation that last year’s strong supervision led to the "turn pale at the mention of coin " and people’s negative perception of the , the two sessions in 2019 seemed to give more tolerance and recognition to the .

    Earlier, technology has become the wind vane of the two sessions - the hot words of the local work report of the two sessions. Large Internet enterprises and traditional industry giants have deployed , and the number of start-up applications has increased, and investment and financing have become more rational.

    At the two sessions in 2019, the scenarios available for technology became clearer and clearer, and the industry layout became more and more clear. It can be seen from the statements made by the representatives of the two sessions that:

    Dong believes that technology impacts people’s thinking, not only change the concept, but also should be done in a down-to-earth manner.

    Lei Jun pointed out that the application of technology in the medical field should be strengthened.

    Interestingly, at this time, Zhou concept has changed. He once again mentioned the . He no longer believes that only bitcoin is a rigid demand to the , but suggests using technology for network security services.

    It can be seen that most of the representatives this year mentioned the , which will be combined with a specific scenario.
    Compared with traditional big-name companies, some startups and projects are moving more quickly, which has led to more and more application scenarios of technology, and the scope is more and more wide.

    The project is the leading representative of in application field. is a value network created based on distributed ledger technology and is a representative project of technology. It breaks through the chain expansion problem caused by the low performance of the traditional technology. Through the chain compression technology, the application construction can be realized more flexibly.

    When technology is still being questioned, has begun to explore more application scenarios. Nowadays, significant progress has been made to greatly increase the application of technology:

    Transfer business, cross-border remittances, and cross-border remittances based on technology can enable users to complete transfers at a lower cost and faster rate under a decentralized mechanism. This is the most important application scenario for .

    Smart bills and financial papers business have always been hot applications for technology. underlying architecture and technical features support the pan-financial business, providing companies with a based promissory trading system.
    In the securities and investment market, in the securities market, technology can be applied to securities registration and issuance, securities clearing and settlement, etc., which can greatly simplify intermediate links and transaction processes, improve market transaction efficiency, and help to promote the settlement of transactions to achieve T+0 real-time full-value trading. By building smart contracts on the to turn securities into digital smart assets, smart contracts will stipulate the rights and obligations of the participants, automate execution in a computational process, and reduce labor operation costs again.

    Intelligent payment scenario application, the traditional payment mode relies on the trust of the center and the intermediary. The technology provides a , and scripts are written according to the specific transaction mode. When certain conditions are met, the payment can be automatically completed. The development of smart contracts may cause the intermediary links to disappear, such as various conditional guarantee payments, and various types of agency payment services.

    In other industries, is an underlying public system with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of technology and can be applied well in more industries. is committed to making the industry an alternative in the cross-border payment industry, but other financial derivatives can be carried out simultaneously to expand its ecosystem applications more broadly.

    From 2017 to 2019, the evolved from the initial prototype to the stage of hot discussion, and the application scenarios and industry layouts became more and more clear. Under the approval and guidance of the policy, the development of the underlying technology of the , including the development of technologies such as consensus mechanism, , and security, will gradually evolve and improve with the needs of the industry, and will inspire more innovative industrial applications.

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