This is the only way to take you to romantic Turkey!

  • “I want to take you to romantic Turkey, then go to Tokyo and Paris together. In fact, I especially like Miami, and also Los Angeles.”

    Familiar melody, quick tune, moving rhythm!

    Once the song was launched, it was hot on the whole network. Many people would hum these lyrics, and these lyrics also evoked many people’s desire to travel to Turkey.

    I am also a person who likes to travel very much. Before that, because of the money,in the face of romantic Turkey, I can only think about it. This year, I accidentally came into contact with such a project - Chain Plus International, which has four products, namely First Assets Financial, Chain Plus Tourism, Jewelry, National Stone Chain Disk.

    Among them, I am very interested in the two products of Chain Plus Tourism and First Assets Financial. Chain Plus Tourism is a tourism platform that integrates big data and resource integration to support the integrated payment of globally token assets. In other words, you can travel all over the world with a hand-held token, and you don’t have to pay for it in your travels. Chain Plus International has opened up my new horizon.

    The First Assets Financial is a token product created by Chain Plus International based on technology. Assets is the only one in the world that locks in real estate and tourism. Considering the huge market demand in the future, the has a global circulation of 100 billion pieces, and the initial issue price is 0.02 US dollars per piece, which will continue to rise with the trend of growth of asset value.

    The was formerly known as First Assets Financial. The investment model is different from the past token assets. It does not need to lock the mainstream legal currency or stable currency, or to be speculated with the concept of a rare and expensive concept. Enhance the value of the property and travel services to create the business benefits of the . First Assets based on landmark buildings in major international cities around the world as investment targets. It combines the operation mode of activated non-performing assets and real estate , we can obtain high-quality real estate effectively through financial leverage. And share the investment profits with the majority of customers holding , and open the win-win model of cooperation between the two sides.

    People in the coin circle know that the big giant token bitcoin has soared in 2017, creating the myth of a day in the coin circle, a year in the world, and the speed of the creating fortune of the token can be imagined. The wave of bitcoin’s creating fortune has receded, and the era of First Assets Financial has only just begun.

    The news giant CNN reported recently: In 2019, the housing prices of world’s four major international metropolitan areas (New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong) are still showing a steady upward trend, but bitcoin or has fluctuated greatly, changed the traditional way of thinking about coin launching, combine value-added real estate with international tourism to achieve the purpose of universal settlement of global real estate and tourism, in order to improve the settlement speed and economic efficiency, so that the token assets are no longer as airless and unpredictable.

    And continue to develop millions of customers as consumer entities, boost property value, create market reputation, effectively digest the bubble in the form of user payment, and share the huge wealth generated by property value appreciation with the investment mass of the . The real implementation of business philosophy’s take it from the people and use it for the people.

    For example: , which have risen rapidly in recent years, are internationally renowned commercial real estate leasing companies. They have not purchased any real estate. They just use the power of the capital market to become a high-level second landlord and cut five-star office buildings into countless small rooms, raising the rent more than tenfold with first-class service quality, indirectly creating a huge amount of passenger traffic, and then these big data increase the market influence, thereby increasing the company’s stock price, making them super unicorns with tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization!

    not only depreciates with the real estate, but also combines the increasingly popular international tourism industry, greatly reduces the intermediary costs, avoids the costs of exploitation of unscrupulous operators, reforms the market chaos of the bargaining competition, effectively improves the quality of customers’ tourism services, and establishes a globalized High quality image and good reputation.

    I am full of confidence in the future of the chain plus international. Going to Turkey is not just a thinking for me. I think I can hum this tune soon and start my journey!

    “I want to take you to romantic Turkey, then go to Tokyo and Paris together. In fact, I especially like Miami, and also Los Angeles…”

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