Microsoft has deployed the , why are you still hesitating?

  • Just this past weekend, the global software giant Microsoft’s market valuable reached 889.3 billion US dollars, after nine years to overtake Apple, becoming the company of world’s highest market valuable.

    On March 17, as of the close of the previous trading day, Microsoft’s closing price reached 115.91 US dollars per share, with a total market value of 889.3 billion US dollars, surpassing Apple and becoming the most valuable company in the world. On the same day, Apple closed at $186.12 per share with a total market value of $777.6 billion.

    In the nearly five years led by CEO , Microsoft has been focusing on its own strengths, doing the business that it is good at, and helping to achieve technological change from meeting business needs. Microsoft redesigned its products and adjusted its sales approach, relying on the company’s desire to purchase technology, and helping companies withstand future shocks from employees and operations.

    Although the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has been skeptical about encryption technology, the underlying technology of the is still one of Microsoft’s most interested areas, and the starting point for layout is world-class “high-ranking”.

    Four years ago in 2015, Microsoft launched the "Azure as a Service " program. The program introduces technology into Azure and provides services to financial industry customers using Azure Cloud Services, enabling them to quickly create private, public and hybrid environments.
    In 2016, Microsoft announced the launch of a program called “Open and Modular Components” which was driven by Azure. This program is called, which is “creating a enterprise ecosystem with Microsoft’s own architecture”. In May 2017, Microsoft announced a new framework to accelerate deployment through Enterprise Proof of Concept on the Azure cloud platform. It is designed to simplify the process of embedded proof of concept.In August 2017, Microsoft launched the Coco Framework, an enterprise-class open source base platform for building confidential, large-scale networks that conform to enterprise standards. In May 2018, Microsoft released the Azure working platform, providing a new application tool for developers to use technology. Matthew , general manager of azure, said: Azure workbench can be quickly launched with automated settings, developers can focus on the application logic, and business people only need to focus on verifying these applications.

    After nine years, Microsoft has become the “big boss” and has inextricably linked with its the layout of . This shows that the impact of technology is more than this, and it is likely to reshape the financial landscape in the future.

    Compared with traditional old brand companies, the achievements of start-ups can not be underestimated.

    The project we are going to talk about today is one of the best in many startup projects.
    is a value network created based on the distributed ledger technology of . has an international operations team with team members from Silicon Valley,USA, Switzerland, Italy and other countries. The project is based on Silicon Valley, which is rich in technology and talent, and has established the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Lab. With the efforts of the team, we successfully created a world-leading public system and introduced the into the era of 4.0.

    has a carefully selected trusted super nodes, the highest-end protocol, and achieves near-infinite transaction speed through a cross-chain lightning network. Its technical characteristics are reflected in the underlying architecture, distributed control structure, algorithm, etc.; technological innovation has reached an unprecedented height, which is reflected in ten aspects such as historical records cannot be tampered, data is flexible and recoverable, supporting multiple transaction modes, and private key separation, strict mode, chain compression, auditing, Dump, subscription, and cross-chain.

    The project is the leading representative of the field of application. is a value network created based on distributed ledger technology and is a representative project of technology. It breaks through the problem of chain expansion caused by the low performance of the traditional technology. Through the chain compression technology, the application construction can be realized more flexibly. It extends application scenarios to transfer businesses, cross-border remittances, smart bills, securities and investment markets, smart payment scenarios and other financial derivatives.

    The era of big fish eating small fish has passed, and it is a new era of fast fish eating slow fish! is looking forward to your joining!

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