Wallet: transactions, games, and chat are available

  • From the birth of Bitcoin to the present blooming, the has gone through the first decade. As a tool for storing and using digital currency, the wallet is also updating iterations with , playing an important role in the field of .
    Bitcoin wallet was originally used as tools for managing addresses and private keys for a single currency. Later, the second generation digital wallet represented by appeared, realizing all private key management and transfer payment services based on tokens. With the continuous increase of digital asset types and the maturity of the market, financial activities such as multi-currency asset management, contract transactions, and loan payments have become popular, and functional digital wallets such as and have emerged. Although there are many kinds of wallets, each digital asset wallet has a large exclusivity. Users must have the wallet, the exchange, the communication social, the identity authentication and different elements to initiate the transaction, and the whole process is complicated.

    Wallet is a cross-chain wallet based on technology. It not only includes all the above functions, but also games.

    The system includes multiple functions such as private key import function, mnemonic backup function, multi-currency storage function, on-chain transaction function, secure transaction function, game lobby function, online live broadcast function, and on-chain query function. The main advantages are as follows:

    cross-chain storage

    Using , a cross-chain token wallet that merges the double ecosystems off-chain and on-chain to surpass the third-generation technology on which mainstream tokens such as , and other mainstream tokens are based, and realizes a leap from block 1.0 to 4.0, will meet the user’s all-token asset management needs with one click.

    Fully isolated network

    When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the non-networking mode. It builds the transaction and signature at the cold-end, and connects the network to broadcast the transactions at the hot-end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eliminating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.

    Easy to operate, do whatever you want
    T-ark (T-ark wallet) comes with high-configuration mobile terminal equipment, which can be conveniently carried by users, the ultimate hardware experience, convenient operating system, powerful online news and information functions, letting you grasp asset trading information and the trend of the token market, the investment is one step faster.

    Seed + payment double password
    Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, T-ark wallet strictly controls the payment extraction operation, and the seed password + payment password two password security management mechanism, to prevent asset theft and fraudulent use, encrypted storage, never touch the net, security Verification, delete when you are done.

    If you want to know what the wallet looks like, download and experience it (scan the QR code below to register now).

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