Even though myths have become history, deserves to be expected!

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin is experiencing its longest decline in its 10-year history. Even the most enthusiastic supporters of Bitcoin have begun to set aside their dream of subverting the world, and concentrate on tightening their belts, hoping to survive until the end of this round of decline.

    In 2017, after hitting a crazy high, the roller coaster-like decline could not be stopped. At this point,the price of bitcoin fluctuated below $4,000, down about 80% from the record high of $19,800 hit in December 2017.

    Do you still believe in the myth of Bitcoin is the token that will create another thousand-fold wealth?

    Another thousand-fold myth on the basis of $4,000 can be said to be almost impossible. But we can’t lose heart to the token market because of this currency.

    At the time when the mainstream currency was “depressed”, the platform token rose quietly!

    Perhaps it is due to a good breath of the spring blossoms, the warmth of the platform token has brought vitality to the entire token market.
    Platform token WA has performed well in this upswing!
    So, what are the points of the platform token WA worthy of our expectations?

    WA is the platform token of the world’s first dual-licensed trading platform . The platform was founded in 2018. It is able to withstand the bear market and stand out from the crowd. Its strength is evident.

    The following points can be used to test the value of WA:

    1. The founder team has experienced at least one round of bear market, knowing the hardships in the bear market. Since they have made it through, the possibility that the bear market can going through is greatly increased!

    2. The project’s ecosystem is perfect, the is good, and there are very good fan groups! WA has deployed the Program globally and successfully hosted its first global summit in 2018, the Global Ecological Program Korea Station. The Global Ecological Program consists of 21 global super ecosystems and 79 alternative ecosystems. The ecology that meets the number of registered transactions receive more generous equity and more substantial revenues than the traditional “trading and mining” model.

    3. Land application has direct help to today’s society, unlike many projects with ridiculous thoughts, it is not reliable! In terms of landing applications, WA has chosen projects that are relevant to people’s real lives: the platform has reached a deep strategic cooperation with the world’s first cross-border e-commerce company, Mall, which supports clearing and settlement. All the tokens circulating on the WA and the platform can be consumed in the mall, constantly stimulate the value of WA; WA will focus on real estate and tourism, marching in this new direction, further enhance the investment value of WA; In terms of cross-border payment, WA has also begun a comprehensive attack, providing users with more and better services.

    From the overall layout and development trend of WA, it mainly includes three aspects: upgrading technology and consolidating its own advantages; providing users with high-quality services for the sake of users; expanding application landing scenarios and enhancing their own value.

    The myth of Bitcoin is over, and the myth of WA is coming!

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