5G coming, your internal memory enough?

  • As soon as the coming news of the age comes out, which has shocked many people. It’s like Pandora’s box, and like a new world’s gate, we don’t know what kind of surprise it will bring us, but we are still full of expectations!

    Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance. Do you know what G means in ?

    Many people think that, and networks are the differences in Internet speed. In fact, G refers to Generation, which means “generation”. is the first generation mobile communication system, and , and refer to the second, third, and fourth generation mobile communication systems, respectively. The definition of is mainly based on the speed, service type, propagation delay time, and various handover success rates to give specific implementation techniques.

    The representative of the era is the “cellular phone” in the hands of the elders. They can only make phone calls and the signal is not good.

    The representatives of the era began to increase. Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola dominated the game. They not only can send text messages, but also support . They can easily access the Internet, but they are mainly texts;
    In the era, Apple and Samsung caught up from behind, and each launched a tablet computer. The rise of the mobile Internet and the coming of the era of graphic information have shown that the system has shown great potential for development;

    In the era, domestic mobile phones, , and were evenly balanced with foreign mobile phones, attracting a large number of fans, watching videos on mobile phones, and the rise of video calls, accompanied by limited coverage and delays in data transmission;

    In the era, we will see commercial applications including Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, and Smart Health care, artificial intelligence will play a huge role.

    While admiring the power of science and technology to change lives, we also found such a problem: from to , mobile phone internal memory is getting bigger and bigger, but it is not enough. From tens of megabytes to the capacity even catches up with a notebook.

    Therefore, a high-quality, inexpensive, safe, convenient, fast, and large-capacity network disk has become an urgent need.
    The emergence of the National Stone Chain Disk solved our troubles.

    National Stone Chain Disk is one of the four series of products launched by Chain International Group. It is the first new cloud storage platform based on “ technology + cloud storage” in China. It uses technology to build a center. The storage ecosystem divides data into multiple encrypted files for distribution to distributed networks. Because you have your own private key, you have your data. Unlike traditional data providers that can leak secrets, there is no company that can access or control your files, a decentralized data storage model in the true sense.

    The National Stone Chain Disk is also a decentralized data center network. Compared with many other cloud storage platforms, the National Stone Chain Disk has the support of technology, which has higher security, lower operation, maintenance costs, better cost performance, better confidentiality, greater storage capacity, etc., to build an efficient and fast product experience for the majority of Chain Disk users.

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