wallet may reconstruct the life of "Wandering Master"

  • Untidy hair, ragged clothes, and he often swam at the entrance of the subway, often talked about “Book of Songs” and . The “Wandering Master” in shanghai was so unexpectedly hot.

    In fact, long before the wandering master, there were several vagrants who were famous, such as the earliest , and the we want to mention today.

    The overnight fame of came from a news video: On January 14, a fire at No. 19, Road, burned his house into ruins. In the TV news, he slammed into the camera and sighed the accident of the fire. The man, dressed as a woman has attracted the attention of across the country. In the tens of thousands of times of forwarding, the words “evildoer” and “weirdo” continued to appear, and the 56-year-old was hot.
    It was because of the costume, someone called him aunt, someone called him Flower Girl, and some people called him , but almost no one knows and no one cares about his real name. said that although life is very depressed, there have been very beautiful days before. When he was three years old, he was picked up by his foster mother at the station. His adoptive father’s ancestor was a native of . After Japan invaded China, he ran from to Qingdao. After liberation, the adoptive father also partnered with others to open a sewing factory. After the death of his adoptive father, inherited his old villa at No. 2, Road. In 1999, in order to treat the illness of foster mother, sold the villa at a price of less than 100,000 yuan. “If it’s not so helpless, I really won’t sell the villa. Now every time I pass there, I feel so sad.”

    was laid off from the clothing factory in District in 1992. After that, he enrolled in a car training course and sold newspapers. In 1997, he began his career in scavenging. According to , when he was a child, the foster mother liked to dress him up as a girl, and he gradually fell in love with the girl’s dress. When he grow up slowly, this “hobby” is forcibly changed by the foster mother. The reason why the men re-dressed as women, said that it is because of the frustration of marriage, “seeing through the vanities of the world”.

    Many laughed at the weird costume of , but few people pay attention to the helplessness and sadness behind him. If there are excellent material conditions, I don’t think anyone will be willing to live a wandering life.
    Therefore, money is the basic condition that a person can face the public decently. Or, whether it is or a , if you can meet the financial artifact like wallet earlier, there may be a different wonderful life!

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    From barter to banknote transactions to electronic cash to digital assets, technological innovation has been driving the development of world financial history. Wallet plans to make 100 million people around the world become users of , create a global settlement ecosystem, and realize the vision of digital banking. A global settlement ecosystem with no borders and no intermediate institutions is being established, and may the world have a home to return to and no longer wandering.

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