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    My name is Christopher Gonzalez and I was borned and raised in Panama. My current location allowed me to create and expand a network of investors and enthusiasts. I am not only interested in becoming a delegate for Ark, instead my main goal is to spread mass adoption of this platform. I am also participating on the Komodo Platform project. Together, both platforms will pave the way for mainstream adoption of these technologies.

    Recent History:
    I have an accumulated 4 years of mining experience. Currently I personally build and run mining rigs for Zcash, Dash, and Monero.

    Two years ago I began working on PTYTrade. My vision is to spread cryptocurrency use across Central and South America. I am located in Panama which gives our community a great advantage since our ultimate goal is to grow and create a stable decentralized economy.

    Xeon5 Server (OVH North America)
    128 GB RAM
    16 thread
    8 CPU
    1Gbps Speed
    Cisco Firewall
    SSH Secured

  • Hi Cris, great server specs! Good location you have there. Central and South America have a lot of potential for crypto, to offer convenient and secure payment and commerce. Many of the people most in need in the region are currently victimized by the outrageous fees charged by money transmission services, and don’t have access to banking. Local blockchain based community currencies can enable local economies to thrive and exchange when needed with other currencies via Ark.

  • Admin

    lol pretty good hardware you got bro :D

  • Hey Christopher, sounds great! Welcome aboard the Ark

  • We have the same general ultimate goal. That is creating a stable, robust, decentralized economy.

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