How to stand out in the flowers blooming

  • After "the first year of the public of 2018, the competition of the public in 2019 is particularly fierce, and this focus has shifted from technology to application. In the future, application and ecological construction will become the two major criteria for measuring the advantage and disadvantage of the public , and it is also the secret of the success of the public in the flowers blooming.

    is the leading project of 4.0 technology, breaking through the chain expansion problem caused by the low performance of traditional technology. Through chain compression technology, it can realize the application construction more flexibly. The advancement of technology makes it possible to expand the application scenario. Today we will analyze the advancement of from the two aspects of application and ecological construction.

    Transfer business, cross-border remittance´╝îcross-border remittances based on technology allow users to complete transfers at a lower cost and faster rate under a decentralized mechanism. This is the most important application scenario of .

    Intelligent bill and financial bill business have always been hot application fields of technology. underlying architecture and technical features support the pan-financial business, providing enterprises with a based promissory trading system.

    Application of securities and investment markets,in the securities market, technology can be applied to securities registration and issuance, securities clearing and settlement, etc., which can greatly simplify intermediate links and transaction processes, improve market transaction efficiency, and help promote transaction settlement to realize the real-time full transaction of T+0. By building smart contracts on the to turn securities into digital smart assets, smart contracts will stipulate the rights and obligations of the participants, the automation of execution is realized in the way of computing program, and the cost of manual operation is reduced again.

    Intelligent payment scenario application,the traditional payment model relies on the trust of the center and the intermediary. The technology provides a , scripting according to the specific transaction mode, and automatically completing the payment when certain conditions are met. The development of smart contracts may cause the intermediary links to disappear, such as various conditional guarantee payments, and various types of agency payment business.

    is an underlying public system with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has the characteristics of technology and can be applied well in more industries. is committed to making the industry an alternative in the cross-border payment industry, but other financial derivatives can be launched simultaneously to expand its ecosystem applications more broadly.

    Ecological construction is an indispensable part of the project. follows the win-win spirit of co-governance and sharing, and regards ecological construction as the strategic fulcrum of the project, making full use of its core technology, business model, economic model, ecological construction, team strength, capital and resource capabilities and other advantages to create a block chain project that with fast profitable, sustainable development and achieving unified social contribution.

    It is the core value of the project culture to take ecosystem as home and take the builders as families. practices the eradication of cutting leek, returning to the source value of the , allowing the ecosystem to grow together with the project, to get rich together, and to create a new ecological construction model. We work hard together and contribute actively to create ecosystem and share ecological achievements.

    A new generation of public and mature technology will open the era of large-scale commercial applications landing, this is the real era of !

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