Integration of ARK Smart Bridge Technology

  • ARK wallet with built-in coin exchanger

    With the help of Ark SmartBridge Technology it can build a direct exchange service that can exchange thier coin conveniently. In ARK web wallet, it can able to use this service (if possible).For example, Bitcoin user want to exchange Bitcoin to ARK. In ARK wallet they can directly send their Bitcoin as payment so they can use this service by requesting an address that can send their payment after payment verified funds reflect to their ARK wallet.And they can withdraw too thier funds into other crypto currency by using this service. ARK can exchange to multiple crypto currency with the use of built-in exchange service in thier ARK wallet.

    All in one coin wallet (Using ARK wallet)
    By using Ark SmartBridge Technology you can make a 3rd party all in one coin wallet application that crypto currency users can deposit and withdraw a funds with their respective crypto currency in one wallet and in one ARK wallet address(if possible).So crypto currency users save their time by restoring their funds into one wallet(the ark wallet) without using any exchanger.

  • I like the Idea. But they sound un-security like to accomplish.

  • @michaelthecrypto


    When and if you’ve got the time?

    Not being a dick.
    I really wanna know.

    What would it really take to make Ark a “ShapeShift” wallet.

    Under-the-hood decentEx?
    Or could lite wallet api be used for cross-crypto?

  • Hello everyone, if someone has cool ideas with crypto currency, but there is no technical opportunity to implement them, you can contact us, we will help)

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