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  • Hey Mike, thank you very much for your feedback and support! I really appreciate that! :-)

  • @sidzero You sound like a great delegate to me!

  • @sidzero said in Sidzero Delegate - Help Supporting The Ark Ecosystem:

    My Name is Holger, and I am 36 years old. I live in Germany with my wife and my little son and am running my own business in taxes and accounting. I am into cryptocurrencies and blockchain since 2015, when I bought my first Bitcoins. Since then I spent a lot of time with researching, trading, ICO’s and stuff. I quickly realized the potential of the blockchain technology and am convinced that this can change the world. However, almost every coin/technology that I came across is lacking a focus on mass adoption or is just too complicated to use. For me it is key for developing a successful technology that the Average Joe can handle it easily. So that is how I came to Ark. The concept really convinced me right from the beginning, so that I decided to invest on the first day of the TEC with my ICO Lisk.

    First of all, I am not a developer and cannot do any coding. However, I am interested in the whole technology and am learning a lot. Although I never worked with Linux before and didn’t know what a VPS is, I managed to setup and run a delegate node in the testnet successfully. So I will learn and do whatever is necessary to run a secure and stable delegate node. I cannot contribute much in terms of developing or coding to the Ark Ecosystem, but I will bring with me some financial skills and provide a view of a non-techie guy on things, which can be helpful to bring Ark to the masses.

    I would like to support the Ark Ecosystem and help to promote and further develop Ark. That’s why 50% of the forged Ark will be reserved for interesting projects and support of the Ark Ecosystem. If you for example plan to develop something, promote Ark with a video or do anything that helps Ark and you need some funding, just get in touch with me and show me what you are planning. If I think this will be helpful for the Ark Ecosystem, I will support you with some funds. All contributions will be made public in this post. The other 50% of the forged Ark are going to be kept as a long term investment into Ark and thus support the Ark price, because they will not be dumped on the market. I will only take out funds if it is necessary to cover my expenses and make a living for me and my family.

    My setup will be as simple as possible, however always guaranteeing a secure and stable node. I would like to show that also people without sophisticated IT-skills are able to support the Ark Ecosystem and run a node. This is to encourage more people to participate and contribute to Ark and support the network. My current testnet setup is as follows:

    Node Setup:
    1 vCore
    2.4 GHz
    2 GB RAM
    10 GB SSD

    My setup will grow with the needs of the network. For the mainnet, I will add a backup node from a different provider. DDOS protection is already implemented, for the mainnet, additional security measures will follow.

    I am convinced that Ark has the potential to become a really successful network for the masses. That is why I decided to actively participate in a project for the first time and want to help supporting Ark with my node. Please vote for me if you would like to support the Ark Ecosystem and want to help to bring Ark to the masses.

    Slack: @sidzero

    Hi everybody. I have just added some contact details as well as some slight additions to my proposal. Feel free to ask me any questions and thanks again for the positive feedback here and on Slack so far. Take care, Holger

  • Wow we’ve got some real good proposals going on. Just came on this forum to see 6 notifications in one day. Saving ARK for future projects can motivate people to push further and develop more knowing they will be rewarded. Best of luck and happy New year to you too :clap:

  • @superwoot112 Thank you very much for your feedback and also a happy new year and all the best to you for 2017!! I am really exited and think that this will be a great year for Ark!

  • Hi sidzero, Welcome aboard the Ark! we are very fortunate to have so many guys like yourself who really believe in Ark and it’s future and are very grateful for your support. Great proposal! I have added you to my list of early adopters

  • @cryptostorms Thanks for taking the time to read my proposal and for the feedback! Much appreciated!! :metal: :grinning: :metal:

  • In my proposal I have stated that I want to contribute 50% of my ARK rewards to the development of the ARK ecosystem. That is why I came up with the idea of an ARK community fund/pool. I think this is something that should be developed and implemented not only by a single person but rather in a joint move between members of the ARK team and the delegates/community members. So please check out my thread in the community projects section:

    ARK Community Pool

    I would be glad if some more people would share their thoughts on this and I invite everyone to take part in developing the ARK Community Pool!

    PS: Added this link to my delegate proposal

  • Very well written!! You are sitting in a very well seated position owning a business in accounting and taxes. I would like to speak with you in the future sometime, being able to implement block chain technology with a developer, to cut down on paper work, middleman, ensure contracts, and be able to process them much much faster are just a few, barely scratching the surface!

  • @michaelthecrypto Thanks dude!! I’d love to combine my professional skills with my passion for cryptocurrencies/blockchain tech! Count me in! :briefcase: :nerd:

  • We are getting close to mainnet launch and testnet is running very well. Time for a little summary:

    I am running my node successfully in testnet since almost three months now. After more than 70k blocks as of today, I made it into the best forger position. This makes me satisfied, as it proves my statement in my proposal, that also people without sophisticated IT-skills can run a node successfully. So I hope that this will encourage more people to join ARK and setup a node.

    However, it requires a lot of dedication and effort, to setup the node and keep it forging. But it is great fun and ARK has a really awesome community, where everyone is willing to help each other. I am really looking forward to the mainnet launch and hope that I will get enough votes to get into a forging position. In any case, i will keep up my testnet node. :smiley:

    alt text

  • Updated my proposal with network setup for mainnet and contributions to ARK Ecosystem.

    Looking forward to mainnet launch!! :relaxed:

  • @sidzero nice proposal ! :wink:

  • Got my first 1.000 blocks today! Network is really stable. I only missed two blocks due to a DDoS attack which happened in the first night after launch. But we were quickly able to block the attacker together with the ARK crew, so network was not really affected.

    Thanks to all who have voted for me and give me their your support! I really appreciate that! Congrats and thanks also to the ARK crew for the successful and smooth launch! That was a really great job! :grinning:


  • Today I made my first community contribution. I used the reward that I have received for my efforts from the ARK crew and fully donated it to @Gr33ndrag0n and his Arknode website.

    He is doing amazing things for ARK, so please have a look at his website and support him!

    0_1491205494676_Arknode contribution.png

  • We have just posted an update on our ARK Community Fund initial concept paper. Please have a look at:

    ARK Community Fund

    We appreciate every feedback, so feel free to post your opinion on the forum or join us in the #communityfund channel on slack!

    Thanks to @jamiec79 for helping me setting this up and everyone that contributed to this project so far! :)

  • 0_1492533131254_sidzerobounty.jpg

  • Here is a quick update on what I am currently working on:

    • @Dr10 Video “Ark for Beginners”

    I have supported Dr10 with the production of the video through answering his questions and reviewing the video before publishing. Now I have started organizing translations or voice over recordings of the video into the following languages:

    Dutch, French, Chinese, Korea, Czech, Slovak, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Arab, Greek, Italian, German, Croatian

    Other languages may follow, depending on community interest.

    • Social Media Marketing

    I have started preparations for a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign will post ads and content about ARK and has the goal to attract new users to ARK. The only thing that is missing for the campaign are the graphics and banners, which are currently in preparation by a community member.

    • Coinmarketcap advertising

    As soon as the banners are ready, I will also start an advertising campaign on crypto related websites. The beginning will be on, which I am already in contact with. Other websites will follow later.

    My bounty campaign is still running, so please contact me with your ideas! Thanks :smiley:


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