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  • We are getting close to mainnet launch and testnet is running very well. Time for a little summary:

    I am running my node successfully in testnet since almost three months now. After more than 70k blocks as of today, I made it into the best forger position. This makes me satisfied, as it proves my statement in my proposal, that also people without sophisticated IT-skills can run a node successfully. So I hope that this will encourage more people to join ARK and setup a node.

    However, it requires a lot of dedication and effort, to setup the node and keep it forging. But it is great fun and ARK has a really awesome community, where everyone is willing to help each other. I am really looking forward to the mainnet launch and hope that I will get enough votes to get into a forging position. In any case, i will keep up my testnet node. :smiley:

    alt text

  • Updated my proposal with network setup for mainnet and contributions to ARK Ecosystem.

    Looking forward to mainnet launch!! :relaxed:

  • @sidzero nice proposal ! :wink:

  • Got my first 1.000 blocks today! Network is really stable. I only missed two blocks due to a DDoS attack which happened in the first night after launch. But we were quickly able to block the attacker together with the ARK crew, so network was not really affected.

    Thanks to all who have voted for me and give me their your support! I really appreciate that! Congrats and thanks also to the ARK crew for the successful and smooth launch! That was a really great job! :grinning:


  • Today I made my first community contribution. I used the reward that I have received for my efforts from the ARK crew and fully donated it to @Gr33ndrag0n and his Arknode website.

    He is doing amazing things for ARK, so please have a look at his website and support him!

    0_1491205494676_Arknode contribution.png

  • We have just posted an update on our ARK Community Fund initial concept paper. Please have a look at:

    ARK Community Fund

    We appreciate every feedback, so feel free to post your opinion on the forum or join us in the #communityfund channel on slack!

    Thanks to @jamiec79 for helping me setting this up and everyone that contributed to this project so far! :)

  • 0_1492533131254_sidzerobounty.jpg

  • Here is a quick update on what I am currently working on:

    • @Dr10 Video “Ark for Beginners”

    I have supported Dr10 with the production of the video through answering his questions and reviewing the video before publishing. Now I have started organizing translations or voice over recordings of the video into the following languages:

    Dutch, French, Chinese, Korea, Czech, Slovak, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Arab, Greek, Italian, German, Croatian

    Other languages may follow, depending on community interest.

    • Social Media Marketing

    I have started preparations for a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign will post ads and content about ARK and has the goal to attract new users to ARK. The only thing that is missing for the campaign are the graphics and banners, which are currently in preparation by a community member.

    • Coinmarketcap advertising

    As soon as the banners are ready, I will also start an advertising campaign on crypto related websites. The beginning will be on, which I am already in contact with. Other websites will follow later.

    My bounty campaign is still running, so please contact me with your ideas! Thanks :smiley:


  • Both campaigns will be great. You think of putting a banner @ the top of ?

  • @Dr10 Either a horizontal banner at the top or a vertical banner on the side. The vertical banner will work better for our content and is also cheaper, so I’ll probably go for the side banner :smiley:

  • 0_1499240160939_Screenshot from 2017-07-05 09-09-51.png

    My Coinmarketcap advertising campaign has started today! Social media campaigns are also almost ready. Thanks to @skagosi for the great banners!!

  • You should contact Maybe some People are able to see the banner, but me and a friend of mine, dont see it. We can see the other ad on the top of the page. Using no adblock. We both use Google Chrome on Windows.

  • Maybe it is regional targeting or regional settings. I also never saw it.

  • @Dr10 @Jarunik Just checked and the ad is definitively shown. Had to do some F5ing, but it’s there:

    0_1499286519497_Screenshot from 2017-07-05 22-23-08.png

  • then it might be random. It didnt show the ad at work and at home. and my friend didnt see it too. I refreshed several times…


  • I did some more F5 ing and it finally showed up for me!

  • Here is an update on what I have done during July:

    • Coinmarketcap campaign

    My coinmarketcap advertising campaign was successfully launched in the beginning of July and went through the whole month of July. As a result of the campaign, my ads were shown to over 240k people and brought over 1.2k people to the ARK website. Unfortunately, coinmarketcap has more then doubled the prices from August on, so I will not continue this campaign. Instead, I will look for other advertising opportunities like reddit and google.

    • Social media marketing campaign

    My social media campaign has also launched in July with focus on Facebook and Twitter. I have engaged a social media professional who is running two unofficial ARK accounts and bought ad space. So far, the Facebook account has almost 8k likes and the Twitter account has over 5k followers.

    • Promotion of @Dr10’s video ARK for Beginners

    Together with @Dr10 i have tried to promote the video and attract new user to ARK. I have organized a voice over recording into Korean language and French, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, German, Turkish and Russian subtitles of the video. The video has already reached almost 5k views.

    • Other activities/testnet

    I did some other smaller bounty campaigns for promotions of ARK in different countries. Currently a bounty campaign for the promotion of together with @dafty is in the works.

    As the focus will be back again on ARK testnet, I have setup a new delegate for testnet and also a testnet explorer, which is reachable on

    Unfortunately, my delegate is currently not forging anymore. I really hope that I can continue my work for ARK, so please help me and vote for my delegate! Thanks

  • Time to say goodbye

    As you have probably recognized, I haven’t been around much in the last weeks and couldn’t fight for my delegate to be in the top 51. This happened for several reasons. I am really busy currently with developing my business and have hardly any time left. I have a wife and a 2 year-old son that need my attention. This and a couple of other things added up, so I had to make the decision to reduce my time with ARK. ARK has become such a huge project and it has become really hard for me to follow all the discussions and developments. To be honest, I also feel that I cannot contribute anything valuable anymore because of the huge growth.

    Although I feel a bit sad, I am also happy about how things happened. ARK has changed a lot in my life and I got to know so many great people. I will always remember this time, but I also have to look forward to new amazing things that are one the horizon.

    My social media and bounty campaign will continue for a month, as I have funds left on my community account. Finally, I will contribute the remaining balance to the ACF, to further support the development of ARK.

    I would like to say a big thank you to all my voters and supporters during the last months!! I really appreciate this! Thank you for all your support and the great discussions. Of course I will still be around in the slack and follow ARK closely, because I really love ARK and everything about it, especially all the amazing people and community!

    Thanks for everything

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