Sidzero Delegate [Magnificent 7] - Thanks for all the support! Please remove your votes

  • I did some more F5 ing and it finally showed up for me!

  • Here is an update on what I have done during July:

    • Coinmarketcap campaign

    My coinmarketcap advertising campaign was successfully launched in the beginning of July and went through the whole month of July. As a result of the campaign, my ads were shown to over 240k people and brought over 1.2k people to the ARK website. Unfortunately, coinmarketcap has more then doubled the prices from August on, so I will not continue this campaign. Instead, I will look for other advertising opportunities like reddit and google.

    • Social media marketing campaign

    My social media campaign has also launched in July with focus on Facebook and Twitter. I have engaged a social media professional who is running two unofficial ARK accounts and bought ad space. So far, the Facebook account has almost 8k likes and the Twitter account has over 5k followers.

    • Promotion of @Dr10’s video ARK for Beginners

    Together with @Dr10 i have tried to promote the video and attract new user to ARK. I have organized a voice over recording into Korean language and French, Slovak, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, German, Turkish and Russian subtitles of the video. The video has already reached almost 5k views.

    • Other activities/testnet

    I did some other smaller bounty campaigns for promotions of ARK in different countries. Currently a bounty campaign for the promotion of together with @dafty is in the works.

    As the focus will be back again on ARK testnet, I have setup a new delegate for testnet and also a testnet explorer, which is reachable on

    Unfortunately, my delegate is currently not forging anymore. I really hope that I can continue my work for ARK, so please help me and vote for my delegate! Thanks

  • Time to say goodbye

    As you have probably recognized, I haven’t been around much in the last weeks and couldn’t fight for my delegate to be in the top 51. This happened for several reasons. I am really busy currently with developing my business and have hardly any time left. I have a wife and a 2 year-old son that need my attention. This and a couple of other things added up, so I had to make the decision to reduce my time with ARK. ARK has become such a huge project and it has become really hard for me to follow all the discussions and developments. To be honest, I also feel that I cannot contribute anything valuable anymore because of the huge growth.

    Although I feel a bit sad, I am also happy about how things happened. ARK has changed a lot in my life and I got to know so many great people. I will always remember this time, but I also have to look forward to new amazing things that are one the horizon.

    My social media and bounty campaign will continue for a month, as I have funds left on my community account. Finally, I will contribute the remaining balance to the ACF, to further support the development of ARK.

    I would like to say a big thank you to all my voters and supporters during the last months!! I really appreciate this! Thank you for all your support and the great discussions. Of course I will still be around in the slack and follow ARK closely, because I really love ARK and everything about it, especially all the amazing people and community!

    Thanks for everything

  • Thank YOU for your time and effort Sid. I understand why you are leaving and I am glad to hear that you are at least going to poke your head in once in a while to see how ark is further progressing as well as donate the remaining funds to the ACF. I wish your business, wife and kid a wonderful future.
    Thanks for everything,

  • Final contribution to the ACF was made today! Thanks again for all the support.

    ARK Explorer


  • Seriously? You could have passed it on to someone else who would not quit.

  • Sometimes things dont work people. Never give up. If you believe in something . In your pitch you say “So I will learn and do whatever is necessary to run a secure and stable delegate node” So now thats it?

  • @OhCryptoGuy Thanks for your feedback. Not sure though, what your concerns are. Who should have a better use for my community funds than the ARK Community Fund? This will help developing the ARK Ecosystem and all ARK holders will benefit. If you look at the productivity of my delegate, you will see that I was indeed able to run a secure and stable node over a long period of time. :smiley:

  • Hi @sidzero
    Looks like you had a huge amount of support so I’m sorry to see you leave.
    I did wonder though, if you might be able to help me raise some support for my delegate, in any way you can?
    The reason I ask, is that in many respects, what I am proposing is quite similar to what you were doing, with your ad campaign.

    Here’s my proposal:

    Also, my LinkedIn:

    I would be extremely grateful if you could take a read and give your personal approval :smiley:
    I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can dedicate a lot of time to this (as you can probably tell by how long my proposal is).
    All I need is people to support and help my delegate into a forging position (I’m currently #73), so that I can make a start on building my campaign!

    Thank you,

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