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    I 'm a Chinese guy, overcame all kinds of difficultie to join you.I 'm forging on lisk mannet and keep the Productivity over 95% .I 'm interested in cryptocurrency and all the advanced network technology, I’m also a diligent student.I 'd like bring the best things to China and share with my friends.


    I 'm a windows developer,often use C++ / C#. I 'm learning bash script and nodejs on linux platform about one year. I can running and maintain lisk forging nodes well now.


    mainnode: 4 cores X 12GB memory
    location : EU
    network : 1G

    backupnode X 2 : 4 cores X 6 GB memory
    location : EU
    network : 1G

    Chinese Node (IF WORKS FINE THERE):
    CPU : 32 cores
    MEM: 32 GB
    storage: 11T
    network : 1G


    I want to join you, study and help the ARK grow up.Let‘s make the ARK stronger and strongger.

  • Hi Phinx! Welcome to Ark. We have team members in China, hopefully you will have the chance to meet them personally. Thanks for posting your delegate proposal and skills. Good luck with your forging

  • Hey Phinx, Thank you for your interest in Ark and I am aware of your skills and dedication, Welcome aboard the Ark, and good luck

  • Hello Phinx,
    Glad to hear you were able to overcame many difficulties and be able to jump on board the ark. It always nice to have someone willing to share their ideas of ark, from their point of view, in a different country as well as join, and help progress ark.

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