Arky Delegate [Magnificent 7] - [95% sharing pool] - [Fees covered by delegate]

  • I follow blockchain technology since 2014 and I’m convinced that it will bring to transaction ecosystem what wheel brings to technology. I’m particulary interested in BTC, ETH/ETC, ICN, LISK and ARK wich is in my opinion a limitless blockchain concept.

    I run 2 nodes using Vultr VPS. One is runing arky delegate, the second is a relay node that will be used as backup when needed.

    nodes info
    Ubuntu 16.04.1 x64
    1024 MB / 1 CPU @ 2.4 GHz
    25 GB SSD Disk
    1 TB transfer

    I maintain 3 projects of my own on the PYthon Package Index: YawTtk (a Python wrapper for the modern tk widget set Tile), Gryd (great circle computation and projection library) and Tyf (a pythonic way to read and write IFD and EXIF data).

    Since January 2017, I contribute to ARK ecosystem providing a python API to interact with the blockchain. Python is a powerfull multi-platform programing language used by a huge developper community. This API allows ARK fan from the well known magnificent seven to create arkbot and launch stresstest on testnet improving its strength, giving us today a rock solid main network.

    MY DELEGATE : arky
    Since March 21th 2017, I run delegate arky wich was a pool-sharing node giving 30% of forged ARK to its voters. With the ARK price growing, it goes to 95% payout and this percentage is meant to evolve with time according to ARK market capitalization. Small rewards are saved until they reach a minimum of 0.09 ARK so no one is left on the road !

    Payout occurs every 1000 forged blocks. Minimum vote required is 10 Ark


  • Hi Toons, thanks for posting an interesting proposal. Very good to see skilled developers like yourself come on board. What you are proposing is just what is needed to grow the Ark ecosystem. I’ll be voting this one, hope others do the same.

  • Thanks Mike.

    I started portink ark-js to ark-py. Got a huge job understanding all js running transaction.

    Arky node is running. It missed lot of blocks (making it the worst one :o) because I ran some tests for automatic node-lauching on server reboot.

  • Hello Toons, your support and skillset here aboard the Ark are most welcome. I will add you to my vote list

  • Thanks for your consideration cryptostorms.

  • Hey toons, well 2 things here. Your username is pretty cool but your proposal is even better. Developing is hard stuff and all developers know some extra money whilst working on a project is a huge motivator and thus helps Devs push further into their development. You’ve got a nice proposal and well ofcourse, Happy New Year :clap:

  • Thanks @superwoot112 for your nice comment. Much appreciated !

  • Toons,
    Very well written proposal. But what I enjoy hearing most about in this proposal is the progression I see ark going with the ability to send out multiple tx, all within milliseconds, to various cryptocurrencies, using the most simplified way being done. I can’t wait until the updated test net arrives so I can give your python script a run. Along with your proposal, if the script is updated and runs well, you’ve earned my vote!

  • Thanks michaelthecrypto, working hard with fixcrypt to improve signature efficiency of arky python API. Maybe you already noticed the quite brutal way i use to force tx beeing send :( but still quite fast :)

  • Hey there Toons.
    I seriously envy your technical skills!
    You most definitely have my vote on the main-net!

  • Thanks for your support bcboilermaker.

  • For now, arky and arky-cli are used by pool node delegates to set up their autopay script.

    I am working exclusively with arky-cli and I set my accounts and my delegate successfully.

  • 25% sharing pool

  • First voter payout on monday @ 19h00 UTC

  • To ARKY voters :

    Hi, arky has been red for almost 24 hour. It missed 194 blocks so i put about 400 ARK to not make you loose your share.

    Thanks for your support…

    Thanks @tharude the node is now on the road again. For some reason my DB’s where created with LATIN1 charset that screwed up the first update i made. Now it is fixed.

    Thanks @sonobit maintaining me in within the 51 ones
    arky is green again !

  • As promised, here is the public accounting
    payment every monday @ 19h UTC

  • This post is deleted!

  • All my work is publicly available here:

  • Delegate proposal updated

  • Will be out for all next week.

    Arky payment will be done automatically on Monday (like every Monday at 19h UTC). It will be done with a 7-day fidelity factor.

    Since accounting is manually done, it will not be update till march 1st.

    Thanks for your fidelity !

  • Hi,

    Because of unupdated nodes, there are some tx that where not broadcasted correctly during arky weekly payment. Missing payment are :

    AMCz3CgQgQ39xSVRGrbSuSgTxw69uU1K45 [fidelity:1.000000]: A0.9830942
    AZXvoznYic9BXSvKiSWow3xbjrdWLy5qD3 [fidelity:1.000000]: A19.66593091
    AdzUL8efUapdxXr2UNT9dRUfQsSdE6oNoM [fidelity:1.000000]: A12.99392518
    AVR1VtBCrpAf7e3fr7vZmcGq2SdAo1icMX [fidelity:1.000000]: A90.10207386
    AZ19VCDqD9A8rvkRzHQg99KvwPwtPbqfea [fidelity:0.825384]: A14.77167476
    ALKL6if6VaTxKGtUELmAnD2RD28nsQ4Rmr [fidelity:1.000000]: A90.10008949
    ARMiT43EzxWMEtpJBjZiGvRsprMw1aBD71 [fidelity:1.000000]: A61.55642538
    APNceXhkWQb3sz1X8GUHD4kB47TwFV3pzz [fidelity:1.000000]: A90.18131478
    AbrKKDPLa1aSSVqJJfSsjZ4GepXtyyzDY3 [fidelity:1.000000]: A17.00034498
    ARKwcqQVG9eWx7g7jAGabHNvypfJBLa23x [fidelity:1.000000]: A90.29972711

    They will be done manually on next Monday.

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