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    My name is Jamie, I’m 38 years old and i’m based in the England (UK).

    My interests are developing coding skills, specifically, python, js, nodejs and C++. I have a basic understanding of each of these pieces of software, with the appetite to learn and improve on those skills.

    I was first introduced to the world of Crypto back in 2010/11 when i purchased my first bitcoin mining rig. Since then i’ve built many private and personal mining rigs for non-sha256 mining. Very interested in how things work, i constantly take things to pieces to understand better how they work (and put them back together, working!).


    I’m a ARK TEC supporter from the beginning. But since then i have been a very active community member. Following numerous conversations with the ARK people i have developed and continue to develop my understanding of what is possible in the world of Ark.

    The coin I work for is currently using a non ark fork. But not for long, because of the tangible value Arks smartbridge, ACES implementation and Ark v2 brings to DPoS.

    I’m working hard to broaden Arks connected ecosystem.

    Recently convinced a yet to be released DPOS coin to switch from Lisk codebase to Ark.

    My proposal is simple.

    • 7% of forged ARK will be retained to cover costs of running VPS’s, ark-news and the rest is retained. One Main Node & One Backup/Testnet Node and a relay. Please note: Voters fees are also paid out of this share.

    I will never sell/release volumes of ARK, as my aim is to ensure ARK price remains strong and continues to increase at a sustainable level.

    • 93% of forged ARK - for voters - votes must be registered for a minimum of 24 hrs, voter payments will be made every 24 hrs.

      True Block Weight Script - Pay - This script ensures fairer payments, based on the vote weight of each block, rather than standard payout scripts. Minimum payout is set to 0.3 Ark, which means any payout smaller than that will be rolled up until it hits 0.3 Ark at which point it will payout.

    Please checkout the payment calculator below, it shows how much each delegates offers for their vote.


    If you have any questions please Message me!


    • I have a wealth of experience building mining rigs/farms for friend and interested parties. Recently i have built a personal/private mining stratum for ZEC, ZCL, ETH and XMR, got tired of poor performing mining pools, with crap latency and fees. I decided i could do better and i did. Utilising some of my new found javascript/nodejs skills!

    • I’ve supported Ark since Testnet version 0.1.0

    • Ran upto six test delegates throughout the Testnet phase. I have maintained a high productivity of around 98-99%.

    • Since then I’ve helped many community members setup their delegates in Testnet, and been a very supportive community member since and will continue to.

    • Involved in finding and logging any bugs/enhancements to the ark related tools and software, logging issues/enhancements via ArkEcosystem github page.

    • I was part of the team to perform multiple stress test’s on the Testnet system, this gave me a crash course in python (thanks @toons). Watching the testnet and how nodes performed gave me a unique insight in to what kind of VPS was needed to support a strong and healthy Mainnet!

    *Run nodes for various DPOS coins, so very experienced in maintaining VPS’s and ensuring maximum uptime.

    *One of the founding members of the Ark Community fund, and one of five elected board members running the ACF. The ACF’s purpose is to provide funding to support coding, development, marketing, educational videos. This in turn helps to add to the Ark Ecosystem and make it more valuable for the whole community.


    3 x VPS’s, the specs and number of servers may be increased should it be required

    • Vultr’s VPS’s, but will adjust my provider if required. With Vultr i can enable DDOS protection in 5 minutes, as and when required. Nodes will be secured using various methods.
    • Will be running a monitoring tool to automatically switch to backup node, just in case the main delegate node fails, ensuring consistency of forging.
    • I have ensured the main and backup nodes are in separate locations for disaster recovery purposes.

    Main Delegate (Node 1)

    • LOCATION: New Jersey
    • CPU: 2 Core
    • RAM: 8192 MB
    • Storage: 120 GB SSD
    • Bandwidth: 10000 GB per month
    • DDOS Protection

    Delegate Backup/Testnet (Node 2 & 3)

    • LOCATION: Amsterdam/Frankfurt
    • CPU: 2 vCore
    • RAM: 4096 MB
    • Storage: 60 GB SSD
    • Bandwidth: 3000 GB per month


    I want to play a part in helping and supporting the development of a wide and varied ARK ecosystem (along with community driven ARK developments).

    The Smartbridge technology could finally bring disparate Crypto coins and their benefits together. As time continues and my coding skills increase i may look to develop software solutions or support other developers in realising their and the wider ARK vision.

    My aim is to continue to support ARK on it’s development journey and see it exceed all of our expectations.

    Vote for me as i will be a fair and transparent delegate.

    Contact Info

    I will always make time to talk to people, if you have any questions or suggestions please message me, i’m always on Slack.

    Message me!
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  • Thanks for posting a very nice proposal, and you enthusiasm ans support for Ark. I also appreciate your research you did on hardware for running Ark bridged applications. You have my vote, for sure.

  • Very nice proposal, jamiec79.

  • @bangomatic thanks dude!

  • @mike thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.

  • Hi jamiec79.
    Nice proposal you’ll have m’y vote.

  • Thanks @Toons I very much appreciate you reading my proposal 😁

  • Great Proposal! Welcome to the Ark community. Becoming an Ark supporter since early December classifies you as an early adopter and supporter of Ark imo, you will have my vote.

  • @cryptostorms thank you for reading! if i’m lucky i might get a shot a being a mainnet delegate… here’s hoping lol

  • Hey jamiec, that’s a pretty good proposal. Really like your idea, and happy New year :blush:

  • @superwoot112 thanks for reviewing my proposal dude 😁

  • Great proposal, you have my vote :relaxed:

  • Very well said!!! I like your idea of a backup for the backup node. I’ll vote for you.

  • @dafty

    thank you for the kind words, hopefully i’ll get the opportunity in mainnet…

  • @michaelthecrypto

    thanks dude, i appreciate you reading my proposal and offering your vote!

  • Hi Jamie, nice proposal. Thanks for helping me in the slack channel! very much appreciated :100: :)

  • thank you to the people that have taken the time to read my proposal! It’s greatly appreciated!!

  • Thank you to the kind people that have taken the time to vote for me.

    The payout script is being tested as we speak ready for the start of forging :smiley:

  • Hello, i have voted for your delegate, as i am not sure whether i did the step correctly or not

    I press on Vote

    Add your name

    Sent 1 Ark

    That’s it?

    Or is there any other steps i need to do?

    Thanks and good luck! :)

  • @puremage111 thank you so much, i appreciate every vote i get!

    The process you describe seems fine to me…

    I have a few votes, but i have no idea who they are from :smiley:

    I’ve run a few tests of the payment script, and will run it a few more times before the actual forging begins, so you may see the odd payment whilst i’m testing.

    Thanks again


  • @jamiec79 said in jamiec79 - Profit Share & Community Investment Proposal - Bring ARK to the world!:

    @puremage111 thank you so much, i appreciate every vote i get!

    The process you describe seems fine to me…

    I have a few votes, but i have no idea who they are from :smiley:

    I’ve run a few tests of the payment script, and will run it a few more times before the actual forging begins, so you may see the odd payment whilst i’m testing.

    Thanks again


    Alright! So do i need to vote to you everyday? Or i can just vote you once and stop? As i already voted you since yesterday and already receive some of the Ark, thanks!

    Anyhow, can i vote everyone? If i vote more than 2 person what will happen?

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