ghostfaceuk - Delegate proposal - Proposal to forge a sharing node to help those with low Ark to grow

  • HI,

    My name is ghostfaceuk and I am from the UK.

    For the last 12 years I have been and currently still am full-time carer for my father, before this, I was call centre operative for about 10 years.

    My interests include films, music and enjoying what free time I can get.

    I am relatively new compared to the world of crypto only starting to get involved within the last 18 months or so.

    My Skills

    I have built and maintained computers for over 15 years.

    I have been involved in the running and testing of the Ark testnet from practically the beginning and am part of a group that were dubbed the Magnificent 7 were involved in running testnet and helping since practically the start.

    My Proposal

    I would like to set up a node in a profit sharing capacity. I know there are those out there like me that for whatever reason could not afford to buy many ARK or for whatever reason chose not to during the TEC and I offering to run a pool to help increase your holdings.

    I will also be putting part of each months forging into a separate wallet available to be given out to help fund peoples ideas of how to promote/use Ark.

    10% will be kept by myself to cover costs etc
    90% will be shared between those whose have be generous enough to give their votes to set up the node.

    The payments will be made to those who support the proposal weekly and at random times per day to avoid people vote hopping for maximum payouts.
    All payments will be based up the amount of votes provided by each voter, obviously those who give the most votes will get more of the payout. This will be automatically calculated and paid using a program provided by another long term Ark contributor and fellow member of the Magnificent 7: - Toons.

    just a quick update to explain how my payment system works.

    Payments will made to voters weekly. The payments will be made via a automated system and is set to automatically make payments while my delegate is in a forging position.

    the payments have a ceiling cap of 400 ark a week meaning no one pool member can receive more than this figure to a single voting address, this is an attempt to stop large bag holders taking large portions of the voters share and leaving smaller holders to receive no returns.

    Pool hoppers detected will be blacklisted from any future payments (this includes any future addresses they try to use I pick up on).

    True vote weight is now in use

    I am now making payments once a week and using seven day true vote weight fidelity.

    Another tool is now in use on my node to stop pool jumpers. True vote weight allows the payment script to look back over the fidelity period and calculate payments based on actual vote weight for each block forged across the whole of the period.

    True vote will only pay them for the period the ark is voting for my pool

    My Network setup

    Main forging node will be running on a dedicated server. The server is more powerful than is currently required for the network and will allow the node to cope as the network needs expand and grow.

    I will be running a backup relay node on a OVH VPS server.

    I am not revealing the specs of my servers to deny potential bad actors access to information that they may use to attempt to disrupt the Ark networks.

    I am also running a Testnet node on a dedicated server which has higher specs than required to allow for the future testing of more intensive aspects of Ark as they may become available on the testnet network.

    This can be upgraded as required by mainnet needs and I am more than willing to switch everything to more powerful servers if required.

    Contact info

    I may not be able to get back to you straight away due to my real life commitment but I will answer you as soon as I can

    Slack - @ghostfaceuk (ghostfaceuk delegate)

  • I have read over your purposal… Good Purposal.

  • Hey @ghostfaceuk, nice proposal, good luck. It’s nice to have someone else in the UK representing ARK!

  • I liked the proposal, minus one thing. I have no skills I could say are useful to the Ark project. I know better then that just from talking with you in the slack channel. The skills are there, or able to be taught to you.And if not that, here just needing to be accessed or pointed out to you. So don’t worry to much, keep up your enthusiasm and interest for the ark project like I’ve seen in the slack channel for some time now. And I’m pretty confident, there will be room for you and ark to become the greatest thing ever seen to date.

  • Hi ghost, thanks for sticking with Ark and being active, helping out newcomers get familiar with the project. This has been a very useful skill you’ve brought to Ark. If you want to take a stab at coding, the self paced Python course at Code Academy looks like a good start to learn and maybe work on something using Toon’s arky python API.

  • Thank-you Mike for taking the time to read through and reply to my proposal.

    I have indeed started to look at the python course with code academy and hope to start it shortly when real life commitments provide me with a bit more free time.

  • Hey ghostfaceuk, nice proposal that will contribute ark comunity growing fast. Prety sure you will be great for ARK community.

  • thank you to everyone who has voted for me so far. I really appreciate it

  • just a quick update to explain how my payment system works.

    Payments will made to voters every day at random times to avoid pool payment jumpers. the payments will be made via a automated system created by python maestro and fellow member of the Magnificent 7 group (ghostfaceuk, Jamiec79, dafty, bcboilermaker, toons, sidzero and michaelthecryptoguy) toons.

    the payments have a ceiling cap of 25% meaning no one pool member can receive more than a quarter of the share of that days payments thus enabling a more fair and even distribution between all the voters.

  • sounds good i vote for you to.But how can i email to dafty i sent coins to him by mistake
    this is trans 7d2a0ca65aff18c007d67e5f7864e71108b18ccc385233bd46efee1ab8739c16

  • if you message dafty I’m sure he will send the coins back to you.

  • Daily payments are being made to voters.

  • Vote fidelity is now in operation. explanation is provided in the proposal

  • @ghostfaceuk Damn, I moved my vote right before this vote fidelity stepped in. I started to see a pattern of people moving large votes around to get max payout from different pools hurting loyal voters. Sorry ghostfaceuk, might vote back later :) gl

  • @Uran thats fine. Its your choice to move your votes at any time you feel fit.

    I’m also blacklisting pool vote hoppers as I find them so they will never get anything from me in the future

  • Would a 24 hour voting lock prevent vote hopping?

    Once a person cast their vote the system prevents them from un-voting for 24 hours?

  • @ghostfaceuk , hi, what is the minimum amount for my wallet to get something in return ?

  • @arkduke said in ghostfaceuk - Delegate proposal - Proposal to forge a sharing node to help those with low Ark to grow:

    @ghostfaceuk , hi, what is the minimum amount for my wallet to get something in return ?

    Check this calculator to see your estimated payout for the amount of ark you stake.(

  • I am looking to moving over to automated payments to avoid any instances of missed payments for my voters.

  • delegate node has been upgraded to deal with increase network traffic, stats updated in proposal but also shown here
    2 vCores
    2.4 GHz
    8 GB RAM
    40 GB SSD
    Local RAID 10

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