ghostfaceuk - Delegate proposal - Proposal to forge a sharing node to help those with low Ark to grow

  • If I have for example 36.5K ARK, how much can I earn per day voting for your pool? I am new to this, so for example would we be able to make an arrangement? Is voting reward different per day?

    I am really interested in 4 delegations so sorry if I am posting the same message.

  • @secdata +1 for this question

  • I voted for you earlier this week and never got a payout. Now it says you’re not even a delegate so I unvoted for you. I never got a payout. Is this correct?

  • @foteck

    Hi foteck.

    I can see you voted for me on Monday 11th September. I make my payments once a week on a Sunday, this is to reduce the transaction fees for your payments meaning you earn more than if I paid daily.

  • @secdata @barrybonds

    Hi secdata, sorry for taking so long to reply.

    If you had 36.5k Ark to vote for me with at the current point in time that would entitle you to approximately 81 Ark a week.

    I pay weekly to reduce the amount of transactions fee’s thus allowing you to receive more from me

  • now a 85% profit share pool

  • @ghostfaceuk

    Hello sir. Growing my Ark investment with your help. Thanks! (Bowing)

    Here are my 2 questions:

    I have received from you weekly a “7-day payout and fidelity voters share”. (Thanks again!) And I have received also a larger “voters share” payment on 16October. I don’t understand the difference. Can you explain in simple terms for me?

    I am considering increasing my Ark tokens by about x2. The thought occured that I might put it (the new Ark tokens I purchase) in a different wallet in order to support more than one delegate. Sad to say that the calculations and subtleties of the payment method(s) is beyond me (There was a time I would have jumped in with both feet). I understand enough to know that it could make a difference if I ever approach a maximum payout amount (doubtful) or some other percentage of voting share or something. But also, I would support more than one delegate, and … well thats my question: can you see any good reason to do this?

    Thanks in advance for you consideration.

  • @foreign_oy sorry for the late reply. have been busy in real life.

    the extra payment on 16th October was my attempt to use a new payment script, it went horribly wrong paying people the wrong amounts so I accepted it and made new payments using the old tool to make sure people got the right amount.

    The extra payment can be considered a gift me to my voters.

    if you put your tokens in to two separate wallets you will get payments from two delegates. always check the calculators to make sure you are getting the best return ( I have a calculator included in my proposal above)

  • @ghostfaceuk Okay thanks for the info.

    No need to split it: pretty happy right here :)

  • Now a 90% sharing pool

  • I’m going to be moving my ark/vote over to my ledger address. Whats the best way to unvote, then revote for you during with switch with minimal disruptions to payouts? Is there a specific date or time that works best?

  • Do you have a website where we can enter our ARK address to check our earnings?

  • @digidan No need to unvote. Just move your ARK from your old wallet to your new wallet (Ledger) and then vote for a delegate on the new wallet.

  • Thank you for your committed sponsorships with the arkio community.
    They are a definite plus for the network :thumbsup:

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