How to Outlook Password Recovery?

  • There is no exaggeration in saying that Outlook is one of the most popular accounts that can be used by everyone. Outlook offers provides such a great user interface that is appreciated by everyone. The excessive popularity of Microsoft account has resulted in its large user base.
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    This does not mean that the Outlook account is not having any troubling issues. Outlook password forgot is one of the main problems that users can confront with Outlook. So, users want a quick solution of this problem. So, let’s have a look at the mechanism of Outlook password recovery that can give a sigh of relief to the users.

    Steps that can help you to sort out the issues of Outlook password recovery:

     First of all go to Official Outlook password recovery login page by using web browser of your account.

     After that fill in your user name or email Id. Now it will push to fill in the password.

     Instead of fill in the password, click on I have forgotten my Outlook account password.

     Once again fill your email Id. Now you will be able to see a captcha image.

     Insert that image in the blank space provided. This image is a proof that you are a human being.

     After that your Outlook account will ask you about the recovery options. You can provide the alternate email Id or alternate phone number submitted at the time of account creation.

     Now you will receive a link on your email Id or a code on your phone number.

     If you have chosen email as your preference, you can click on the verification link.

     If you have chosen phone you can submit the code.

     Once you have done it, now you are free to reset your password.

     Enter a new password. Reenter it to confirm.

    Once you have followed these steps, and your issues of Outlook password reset is not solved, then take some alternate steps. Choose for Outlook Customer Support or go for a reliable third-party support option.

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