T A RK opens a new method of blockchain wallet mobile payment

  • First, the rise of global digital payment, the number of ATM fell for the first time

    According to the report of foreign media, a research report issued by consulting firm RBR stated that the number of global ATM declined for the first time last year as banks closed their branches and shifted resources to digital payments. In 2018, in four of the world’s five largest markets - China, the United States, Japan and Brazil, the number of ATM fell London-based RBR said that in the fifth largest market in India, the number of ATM “has slowed sharply”.

    Bank customers are increasingly switching to mobile phones for regular financial services, from cash to credit and debit cards. There is a growing preference for digital payments, and even the largest US bank, JP Morgan Chase, cut its branches by 2% last year and allocated $10.8 billion for technology upgrades. There is no doubt that digital payments are the general trend, however, the time of traditional digital payment transferring into one 's account is long and the handling fee is high, so there is an urgent need for industry reform.

    At present, the blockchain has become a new technology and new idea widely recognized by the society. The combination of traditional industry and blockchain technology is the trend of the times. With the rapid landing application of blockchain technology in various fields around the world, TARK Wallet is also engaged in a global competition in blockchain + payment.

    Second, TARK wallet has two major characteristics and six advantages

    T-ark wallet is the world’s first dual-form cold wallet security protection model developed and designed by Guoshi Group. It achieves a major breakthrough in technology and fully reflects the blockchain spirit in application. The wallet has two super features of anonymity and security, also with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It supports the payment, storage and transaction of all types of token assets in the world, and also integrates games, communities, live broadcasts and other applications. It is a comprehensive blockchain platform system.

    Third, TARK wallet is a financial expert, with global payment

    At present, simple payment technology is already a very mature technology industry. But the merchant access payment system is very tedious. Usually, the merchant needs to register an account in the payment service provider platform and purchase the interface service, so that the payment interface can be used. However, the use of payment interface will produce a large cost, and there are many payment interfaces do not provide real-time settlement, some payment service providers settlement cycle is basically calculated on a monthly basis. For the merchant, although you can see every order paid by the user, it will take a month to get the money, what the merchant got in this month was just a platform number.

    TARK wallet can make the payment remove the intermediate link through the blockchain technology. The customer directly deals with the merchant, and the merchant’s money is immediately transferred to the account. Based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 cross-chain lightning network to provide a new way for global cross-border payment exchange and international settlement, the solution is to achieve cross-chain lightning payment transactions in seconds, and a wallet can manage all types of token circulating around the world. With such a convenient cross-border transfer, you will no longer need to bring so much cash with you when you go abroad!

    Tark Wallet is now recruiting outstanding projects to launch coin in the world, and the top 20 will enjoy the preferential policy.
    The development concept of Tark wallet is to realize the dream of each project party and let the high-quality project get a opportunity to show itself.

    In my opinion, global payment is only part of the TARK ecological construction. The ultimate goal of TARK is to establish a global cross-border payment network, creating a global settlement ecosystem, and finally realize the vision of digital bank.

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