Tark: to create a world-leading "Alipay" in the digital wallet industry

  • The ever-increasing number of digital wallet users has spawned a large number of digital wallets. In the face of the variety of wallets, do you also feel difficult to choose?

    The current status of the digital wallet market - where is the perfect wallet?

    For wallets that exist on the market, some wallets are powerful, but difficult to use; some of the pages are optimized perfectly, but their functions are limited; or some are directly hot wallets that are not safe enough. As a result, users need to switch between various wallets during daily use and transaction, which wastes time and effort, but users also have to do this based on their needs.

    It can be seen that the demand for high-quality wallets is very urgent in the market. Is there a wallet with multiple functions, high security performance, high degree of page optimization and easy to use?

    Looking back – the TarK wallet has stood out

    The creation of the TarK wallet is based on this timing. TarK Wallet is the world’s first cross-chain wallet based on the fourth-generation blockchain internet technology that supports the payment, storage and transaction of all token assets. TarK’s advantages are not only focused on advancement and security, but its weapon to capture the market is to create Alipay in the digital wallet industry.

    The Tark wallet was developed by the National Stone Group and its technology laboratory is located in Silicon Valley, USA. The lab brings together top Internet technology talents from Silicon Valley, Cambridge and BANGALOREBLR. It is responsible for Tark’s technology development, maintenance and iteration. It plans to set up R&D institutions in Australia and Italy to bring together scientific and technological talents from Europe, the US and Australia. The laboratory becomes the output center for the top technology of the blockchain.

    Tark wallet is the world’s first dual-form cold wallet security protection mode, which has achieved a major breakthrough in technology, and the application fully reflects the blockchain spirit. The wallet has two super features of anonymity and security, with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. It supports payment, storage and transaction a variety of tokens, and also integrates games, communities, live broadcasts and other applications. It is a comprehensive blockchain platform system.

    “Alipay” in the digital wallet industry - TarK is irresistible

    The transaction results are promptly reminded, and the assets are collected in one step! Tark provides offline notification of transaction result reminders. Users do not need to be online for a long time. After the transaction is completed, they can quickly receive the transaction result reminder SMS. Reminders are accepted even when they are offline, and there is no need to worry about overdue of the asset collection in any scenario.

    Multi-platform market and consultation, wealth dividends at your fingertips! Tark gathers information on mainstream trading platforms, covering global mainstream trading platforms and token market information on the market, including world-renowned portals such as Huobi, Binance, OKEX, Bitcoin Forum, etc., so that you can control the trend of more than ten thousand kinds of token assets without leaving your home.

    Personal assets are queried in real time, assets are in hand and take leave without delay. Tark provides users with intimate personal asset real-time query function, users can quickly log in to the wallet APP to view personal assets without complicated operations. You can quickly know the status of your assets with just a click of your finger.

    Multi-language currency support, global user linkage operations. Tark supports English, Korean, Thai, Russian, French, German, and other more than 20 languages worldwide, and all the types of tokens that are circulating worldwide, creating a global settlement and payment tool for the deployment of the world. Language and currency open mode, you can quickly make storage payments wherever you are.

    QR code / NFC communication, covering the mainstream of global payment methods. Tark supports mainstream payment methods worldwide, including two mainstream payment methods of QR code and NFC, allowing users to experience the multi-dimensional difference in the same payment scenario. Diversified payment methods enable multi-level payment and storage experience.

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