How do I Recover my Old Google Account

  • Need to recover an old Google account? Get complete information to recover it
    There are many instances when a Google user forgets the password of their Google account but what if you haven’t access an old Google account. And you want to access it right now also you have forgotten the password. Well, in such a situation, you should not worry and simply follow the Google recovery process. Besides, making this task simpler here is a list of steps to perform so go through the steps mentioned below.

    Steps to perform for recovering your old Google account

    1. The first thing you would require to recover your old Google account; you should reach the Google recovery page on your browser.
    2. After reaching the Google password recovery page, you should fill in the email address and click Next.
    3. Further, fill in the last remember password of your Google account otherwise click ‘Try another way’ option.
    4. Next, you would see either recovery email address option or phone number option to recover your Google account.
    5. If you choose the Recovery phone number over the recovery email address, then, you would require to select the phone number.
    6. And then, you will receive a verification code that will be sent on your phone number in a text message form.
    7. After that, you will require to provide the verification code in the provides filed appearing on the screen.
    8. Further, you would get the option for creating a new password, retype the new password confirming it.
    9. Finally, you would require to click on the Save Changes button and complete the Google account recovery process.

    With the completion of the aforementioned steps, your task will be complete and you would not be worried about Google recovery.

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