Multi Platform Ark Lite Client

  • Download
    Install the version 0.2.1

    • Available on Windows, Linux (ubuntu/debian) and Macosx (signed)

    • No wait to sync to the network: launch and use.

    • view any account from its address (transactions, delegate status and votes)

    • (soon) deposit ARK using altcoins or USD (via - no registration needed

    • label any account

    • (soon) real time currency value (updated every 5 min) in UsD, Euro, BTC, HKD, JPY, CNY, AuD, CanD, Pound and Rubble

    • auto connecting to a healthy ark network peer. If the peer is not good any more, automatically finds a new one.

    • send ark from/to any account.

    • (soon) Withdraw to altcoins or USD (via - no registration needed

    • Organize your accounts with virtual folders (for instance savings, personal etc…) so you don’t pay any transfer fee

    • Update your votes.

    • (soon) easily switch to different network, or private chains

    • Second signature supported.

    • Multiple Networks Switch

    • translations (thanks to the community)

    • switch between different networks

    • custom client

    • saves passphrases for easier manipulation

    • upgrades to last version of electron

                    Multi signature accounts not yet supported.

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