(Speculation) Mainnet release not being deployed by February 1st

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    we already posted this earlier this week and I doubt it will need to be pushed to June.

    Mainnet Launch:

    We continue to make great strides towards release. After extensive testing by our testnet crew, we have seen several large bug fixes that needed to be addressed. Thank you all for your dedication to helping with testnet. It will show in the final product for sure.

    Due to these bugs, the holiday period, and the time required to code and issue the refunds after the TEC ended, we are still at least several weeks away from being ready to launch. The network is stable and performing well on testnet, but we want to make sure we look for all possible security vulnerabilities prior to launch.

    We are close, and want to deliver a solid core product to the ARK community. Therefore, after a lot of internal debate, we have decided to push ARK mainnet launch back at least a few weeks.

    As a team, and with our experiences with cryptocurrency launches, we feel it is more important to begin life with an amazing, stable, secure, and reliable product to base our future use cases on, rather than one that needs patches and updates just to stay afloat a year down the road.

    So at this moment we cannot give an exact date, only that February is still considered our mainnet launch month until further notice.

    We are in contact with exchanges, but cannot give any more info on which exchanges.
    We hope you can all understand that we cannot talk about this just yet. Please be rest assured, ARK will be on exchanges at launch :wink:.

    We are also currently in the process of closing a strategic partnership that will benefit SmartBridge and the ARK Ecosystem. This well known partner will add promised functionality and abilities to the ARK SmartBridge that will help propel ARK into the future!

    Stay Tuned!

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