ARK Weekly Update #6

  • Week 6

    First, congrats to our previous design winners.

    Sormin, Densmirnov, Jamiec79, mjbmonetaymetals.

    This weeks design contest winner is ICONEWS.
    Congrats on winning 5K ARK! Will come your way after mainnet launch!

    Now for the technicals:

    Last week we announced that the launch date would be pushed slightly to later in February. We would like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit more about why that is. With the latest testnet round, it became clear to the development team that there were a lot of underlying issues that could only be fixed by re-writing major portions of the core code.

    For starters, the event management was not to our liking and could not simply be tweaked to function the way we believe is necessary or in a way we think makes sense. This requires a major rewrite to meet our standards and to make the network function how we envisioned. This is the case for several areas of the core code and is where most of our time and energy are currently focused.

    Fixcrypt is completely rewriting the node management with a single point of entry that will deal with node state: (rebuilding, downloading blocks, broadcasting, forging etc…). It added a bit of work, but he is progressing well and we are seeing great results so far.

    This rewrite of the legacy code will enable many improvements within the protocol.

    Things in the pipeline:

    Relay nodes (high level API access) and forging nodes (less API access + more security) are clearly separated.
    Crazy fast rebuilding speed (because we are now able to mount the network interface only when being rebuilt…)
    Broadcasting block headers only, since most of transactions are likely already received by all nodes before a block is forged.
    Better block processing (no need to remove unconfirmed transactions that are included in the block).

    Making changes to the protocol starting with the following:

    No maximum block size
    The only limitation on processing will be the # of transactions that the forging node can verify and include in less than blocktime/10

    After these changes, the network will scale more directly with the power of the forging node hardware. That means when ARK mainnet launches, medium grade equipment may be good enough to run the network, but as we grow over the next year and beyond, delegates will definitely be required to run more robust hardware to keep the network going strong. More details on recommended specs will be available once we have had a chance to test the capabilities of the new code.

    A new internal testnet version will be pushed out early this week. We will need a few days to monitor performance before we roll that version out to the main testnet group in our ARK slack. Things are moving fast and a complete rewrite of a major part of the ARK core needs to be done right. We won’t release until we have conducted a thorough and productive open testnet period of all of these changes.

    Rest assured FIX is 110% confident in this course of action and so are we. Here is current testnet github.

    For those of you more familiar with github, we have launched the AIP(ARK Improvement Protocol) section. We encourage everyone to look into ARK on a more technical standpoint and share your ideas.

    Now for all of the apple fans in the community, say hello to the official ARK testnet IOS app.

    The only bad thing about ARK being on the apple store, is you have to wait for the new testnet release this week to use it.

    That’s all for week 6. Stay tuned for more updates - and remember to join our slack to always be up to date with latest news / development or if you have any questions or concerns we are there to help :

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