Jewish merchant Ajm: choice is your destiny

  • Three people were sentenced to three years in prison, and the prison governor promised that each of them would be able to make a request.

    Americans love to smoke cigars and request three boxes of cigars. The Frenchman is the most romantic, he requests a beautiful woman to accompany him in prison. The Jews said that he wanted a phone that could communicate with the outside world.

    Three years soon passed.
    The Americans rushed out of prison first, their nostrils filled with cigars, and shouted, “Give me fire, give me fire!” He had forgotten to request a lighter.

    Then came the Frenchman, with a child in his arms, the beautiful woman holding a child in her hand, and pregnancy with the third baby.

    Finally, the Jews came out. He held the hand of the warden and said, “I have been in touch with the outside world every day for the past three years. My business has not stopped, but it has increased by 300%. Now I am worth 1 billion. To express my gratitude, I will send you a Rolls-Royce !”

    The above story tells us that choice is your destiny. Whether it is an individual or an enterprise, what is achieved today is determined by the previous choices; today’s choices will determine future development. Especially in this information age, challenges and opportunities coexist, opportunities are fleeting, and choice becomes particularly important.

    For thousands of years, Jews have been known for their wisdom. Scattered all over the world did not disperse the Jewish national spirit, went through hardships and tribulations, it did not kill the will of the Jewish nation. Although the population was small, it did not prevent the nation from producing many great men who influenced the world.

    The Jewish saint JT is a team of Jewish elites of the new era. Focusing on the old order of the old world, the Jewish saint JT is no longer silent, choosing to go up against the current and open up a new world!

    The Jewish saint JT specializes in the blockchain industry. It has been more than a decade since Bitcoin came into being in 2009. It is the blockchain technology that comes into view with Bitcoin. In this decade, blockchain technology has been given the power to change the world. It can influence and change various industries: traditional finance, logistics and transportation, health care, retail and so on.

    In 2017, as the price of the mainstream tokens such as Bitcoin increased all the way, the blockchain technology related to it was also like an atomic bomb explosion, and the influence spread from a small area to an increasingly wide range. The previous industry was limited in a very small circle, and later it became popular, and even the aunt who danced on the square also talked about the price of Bitcoin.

    At the end of 2017, the world was filled with cheers of victory, enthusiasm, screaming, and went around spreading. However, high emotions did not last long.

    In 2018, the temperature has plummeted and the market situation has become completely different. Prices have plummeted, and the negative factors such as blame, air coins, fraudulent coins, fraud coins, and so on have been intertwined. Bitcoin, fell from the altar.

    Although it has experienced ten years of development, it is still in its infancy for the growth of an industry. The development of everything is going forward, but it can’t avoid twists and turns in the process of advancement. Whether it is blockchain or the token economy, the immediate difficulties cannot change the bright future.

    The trough and recovery is precisely the opportunity for the Jewish saint JT to change the world – Jewish merchant Ajm has been launched gloriously.

    The Jewish merchant Ajm’s intention was born ten years ago, and it was the twin brother of Bitcoin. The introduction of Bitcoin in advance provides a rich experience and improvement space for Jewish merchant Ajm. It overcomes the blockchain 1.0 represented by Bitcoin, the blockchain 2.0 represented by Ethereum, and the technical weaknesses and drawbacks of Blockchain 3.0 represented by Ripple, on the basis of blockchain technology 4.0, occupied a new technical height.

    In view of the chaos of the industry that has been widely criticized in the past, Jewish merchant Ajm proposed a blueprint structure to smash the old system and establish a new world. In view of the low landing application of technology, Jewish merchant Ajm deployed the plan for establishing a global eco-city in detail. At present, the landing applications have been carried out from the traditional financial field, cross-border settlement and payment, securities investment market, product traceability, enterprises to be launched on blockchain and so on. Through various measures, the ultimate goal of Jewish merchant Ajm is to seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world, creating a centralized application ecosystem, and change the world through the globalization of the digital economy!

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