ARK Bi-Weekly Update #7

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    Hi ARKers. Let us get right into it and discuss the updates that have taken place recently. First of all, 600+ slack members and counting. It seems the word is getting around about ARK and we are gaining traction with the public. Things are picking up and this is just the beginning guys. Things are starting to get exciting!

    ARK community designed merch is going up over the next 24 hours along with stickers, hats, and better quality products. Check it out here

    ARK Lite wallet release 0.1.0 is now live
    The Ark lite wallet is a simple to use web wallet that provides basic functionality like sending and receiving Ark cryptocurrency transactions. All delegate and voting will be done through the desktop wallet in the future but this lite wallet is the perfect solution for those that are on the go and don’t have access to their desktop client, but need to make a quick ARK transaction.

    ARK Desktop Client Update to 0.3 Updates to the desktop client include bug fixes and a few key feature improvements.

    And now for what everyone is waiting for currently….

    TESTNET - Fix has spent countless hours bug hunting and optimizing testnet. Latest reports have testnet screaming along at 5 transactions a second under sustained full load without glitches - AND any forks that popped up under extreme stress testing auto recovered! Currently we have been stress testing the network since the genesis block and have pushed out over 100,000 transactions in the first 10,000 blocks with very few issues.

    After all of the extensive bug fixes, optimizations, and internal stress testing, we are confident that testnet will resume on Monday, February 13th. Woot Woot!

  • Hi New on this, could you write a noob lecture, I joined the TEC, right now I want to test the Desktop, but kinda at-loss. Also how to I use my ARKs from the TEC? Thanks.

  • Hello @escala14 !
    You will be able to test the Desktop client real soon ! , but on testnet.
    Our main dev. Fixcrypt and Tharude, our network architect, are working on the new testnet release 0.3.1 as we speak and it will be available to test for public real soon !
    As for your ARKs from TEC you will have to wait for the mainnet launch, wich is expected this late feb. or early march, to have acces to it.

  • How to I earn using the Desktop Client? right now Im using a Windows 10 x64 here in the philippines. try to test from time to time, but im not earning any ARK?

    Also do I really need to Setup a Node(whats that)?

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