ArkFutureSmartNode Proposal

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    :alien:Hi! My name is Michael Hunt Thank You for your time in reading over my Delegate Proposal:grey_exclamation: :alien:I was one of the first to read over Satoshi Nakamoto’s Beautiful Introduction on Sound Forge on how we could use digital currency, not just for his purpose, but our own, and those needing an :gear:access to a spendable currency to receive products, goods, or services. It was very complicated, and I honestly thought It was just another Digital Coin Scam. I didn’t realize at that time the scale or production model he was placing into our hands, and exactly what (We) could scale his model into and use to mold the future of the Entire World. I did continue with all trends and keep a very close eye on it through every stage. I finally made my first purchase of , July of 2016. It was very comforting situation, knowing I had a cryptocurrency that would dominate someone else’s future or enable mine to look better.
    My parents bought my first :desktop:, an (Amiga 500) at a very young age. I have :radioactive:researched and studied:radioactive: just about all aspects of the :satellite:computing world. I have always enjoyed electronics. There my life. There’s just that feeling of intuition when you open that brand-new electron device. I was in love the first day I touched one in 1st grade, and have been within hands reach of one ever since.
    My product of service I am using as a (Virtual Private Server_) will be [].

    • My current (_Bandwidth) is up to 4000 gigabytes.
    • Storage 45 Gigabytes of Solid State Drive
    • Random Access Memory – 8192 Megabytes:floppy_disk:
    • CPU – 4V-Core :satellite:

    :checkered_flag:Let’s take this Ѧ (cryptocurrency), and spread it to any and all willing to accept what it is truly capable off!

  • Hey Michael, Hopefully see you on the main-net!
    Good luck man!

  • @bcboilermaker Thank You!

  • Hi Michael, thanks for being so dedicated and active with Ark from the start. Look forward to seeing you on mainnet.

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