bioly delegate - 80% share ARK POOL + experienced delegate + various services for ARK

  • bioly delegate - 80% share ARK POOL + experienced delegate


    My name is Rafał. I live in Poland and study IT. My delegate name (testnet and main) is bioly.
    I enjoy cryptocurrenciy technology, I’m active Lisk and Shift delegate. Besides crypto, I’m intrested in economics and programming.

    My Skills

    Experience in Linux, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, C++

    My Proposal

    I translated ARK wallet and bitcointalk thread to Polish. I want to use my experience with Lisk and Shift to provide the ARK community the best services. My services for ARK: - 80% profit sharing pool - ARK blockchain explorer
    Real time ARK pools caluclator - ARK blockchain snapshots
    Provide data for
    Devnet supporter

    Besides this I plan run few main net nodes in diffrent location and datacenter’s, support testnet and promote ARK in Polish crypto community.

    Plan for distribution forged funds for bioly delegate:
    80% - reserved for pool, shared with voters
    20% - my profit, maintain all services etc

    Example payout:
    alt text

    My Network Setup


    If you are looking for pool to earn some ARK from your vote - you’re in right place :white_check_mark:
    If you are looking for experienced delegate which will help to build stable, secure and decentralized ARK network - you’re in right place too :blush:


    bioly on ARK Slack

  • Well Siad!

  • Hi Bioly, looking forward to seeing you on mainnet.

  • Hi bioly… Nice concept and nice work.

  • HI Bioly, nice proposal. I hope you get your forging spot

  • Check out my ARK pools calculator :)

  • I bump my topic with updates:
    bioly pool is now 80% sharing
    New feature added to calculator, now you will be able to see if your vote pop up a standby delegate

  • Sorry for the dumb question, but how often does Bioly payout? Is there a minimum payout? I’m fresh to Ark so I don’t have my yet.

  • @Warrenty
    I make payouts every 3 days, but it will be automated soon to 24hour. Minimal level is 1ARK, but it will change soon too :) Stay tuned and thanks for voting!

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